Sgt.Sgts roleplay server?

Hello Everyone!

I am new to Facepunch but have belonged to many other forums, such as a Garrysmod Roleplaying server of mine and a TF2 Clan, but thats not the point right now.
I am a HUGE Garrysmod player (hit one month yesterday, 1050 or so hours) and am a huge fan of cars and TheDanishMasters work. He released a truck pack followed by a trailer pack of his and said I needed Master Chris’ Vehicle Mod or something along those lines. I got the mod and was browsing the thread and came across a post from Sgt.Sgt mentioning an RP server and how he was RPing a truck driver. He released an IP to the public of a roleplay server and it seems it is no longer a valid IP. I wish to play with him as I would love to find a server that allowed trucking RP but if the IP is not working, I cannot do so. I know the thread was from about a year ago but I was hoping SOMEONE would know an IP for his server. Maybe he, himself could post here?:rock:

Thank you community.
Dr. Noobias, the ‘new’ member.
The link above is the thread where he mentions the server. It is 10 posts down from the main posts, for anyone with questions.

Shit… should this be in Help and Support?