SH2 Models - Needa rigging

While back I ported a few characters from SH2 when I had my Ripper working, unfortunately, It died somehow so I’ve been left without this for a while. Since I know jack about rigging, I’d figure I post it here.

If you’re interested in rigging, I’ve ripped:
[ul]That crazy bitch with the knife (Dean gave this one to me <3)[/ul]
[ul]And Eddie, the crazy fat guy (I think that’s him)[/ul]

Gimme, I want a first project!

Sure, turn your PM on and I’ll chat with ya.

Fuck I wanted to do it.


Not like I have any free time anyways.

Your life can’t be THAT busy, Dean.

60% of it is procrastination and laziness from distractions on this forum.

In other words…
Yes… Yes it can.