Shade Polygon Error

engine error:
Unable to shade polygon normals(17368794)

I’m not new to this error.

This profile is private.

That was done for something completely unrelated. I’ll change that when I can.

Edit: Give me 2-3 hours. The account is Steamguarded and the pass is a jumble of letters and numbers, so only one PC goes on it.

Anyway if you do have a legit Garry’s Mod, try the usual stuff like deleting your clientregistry.blob in the Steam folder, reinstalling Garry’s Mod (but you probably already tried that) or forcing steam update by deleting all the files inside your steam folder (appart from Steam.exe, steamapps folder and userdata folder).

I’ve had it happen before, and I fixed it somehow but don’t remember how. I’ll try that when I can. Because oddly it only effects one PC. My laptop runs it fine, but my desktop encounters that error.

Put that in your browser’s address bar on your desktop PC and press Enter.

I think that fixed the problem. Thanks.