Shaders array not added by devs

Answer at Unity forums:

So…a new update incoming? I ask this because the code locks are missing the red light and there are strange shadows/shaders in trees and ground everywhere.

i am having the same issue after update today!
also this is coming up.
[SpawnHandler] populationCounts is NULL Spawn Handler (UnityEngine.GameObject)
[SpawnHandler] populationCounts is NULL Spawn Handler (UnityEngine.GameObject)

Exactly the problem.
Strange how the devs have forgotten to do that in project settings.

But…still waiting for an answer from them. Are they normaly active or is this an abandoned forum?

Devs don’t reply to every thread and don’t reply instantly when they do respond. The game’s in alpha and this is not the only problem introduced in the latest patch.

From a different thread on what seems to be exactly the same issue:

The problem is that this problem only affects server owners and not players, so the “-force-d3d9” is not a valid option.
The problem is readable only in the server console and i was hoping not for a fast answer but for some answers from other people that own servers.
I am just trying to figure out if the graphic glitches ingame are caused by this server problem and the shaders array not being added in the unity project.

Thanks for your answer anyway and i will wait for a few days and try to see what to do because right now its not playable for 90% of the players at my server.

If you look at the thread I quoted from (“garry posted:” is a link), the output log from the person reporting client issues is spammed with basically the exact same problem you’re getting: shaders are fucked up and missing.

It’s possible that the issues are one and the same, but it’s possible that it’s not. However, if codelocks are missing lights and the shaders in trees are all fucked up, that sounds like it affects players and their clients more than server owners, so I’m not sure what you’re on about there.

Have your players set the launch option and see if the shaders straighten out – after all, the shaders only actually render when the game’s being drawn on the client.

This is the server console and what outputs when its started.
I think a picture is worth more than words. Excuse me if my english is not perfect but i am Portuguese and some things are hard to explain.

That’ll be something the devs need to handle, but, again, it would be helpful for you to have some of your players launch Rust with the launch option above, because that may resolve the problem for them. If running with DX9 forced on fixes the shaders, that will go a long way towards confirming that the server output is the same shader error that others have been posting about.

The last update contained a number of changes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a mistake in the shaders, but it may also be something deeper, and that server error is just a symptom of the deeper problem.

Confirmed to a certain point that adding the “force dx9” line helped sorting out some shaders problem.
The trees are somewhat bugged and sort of “expand” to the eye sight when you are near.

Thank you for your patience and will wait for something from the devs.

So, it’s the DX9/11 shaders problem, just from the point of view of a server owner instead of a player. Good to know.

The tree issue is a different problem and has been mentioned in other threads. Please consider checking out other threads to see if your issue’s already being discussed before making a thread next time, it helps cut down on duplicated threads and posts and makes it more organized for the devs to read.

I have the same problem there is update this today but it’s always the same !