Shadoureon's Suggestion Catalog

Lets start with items.

Saws trees in 1,5s, 500 wood, 500 metal fragments and 50 lowgrade fuel. After retrieving 20000 wood the fuel needs to be refilled and you spend 100 metal fragments on repairing the blade. Has a chance to malfunction wich requires you to repair it with 400 wood and 100 metal fragments.

Hang Glider (Wood)
Jump from mountains and slowly move downwards flying all around the map. 10000 wood and 500 cloth. Stability failure can lower your airtime.

Hang Glider (Metal)
Jump from mountains and slowly move downwards flying all around the map. 5000 metal fragments and 500 cloth. Great stability for great airtime.

You never know when you need one. 1000 Cloth. Can only be used once.

Place this lovely cannon on your property, aim, step inside and shoot. Doesnt give a warning if you dont have your parachute packed so dont forget it! 25000 metal fragments.

Other Suggestions
Remove the dumbass key system and just bring a system where the original builder of the door can allow people to enter or not. Part of Legacy that was fun was because ther big buildings with lots of doors. Not only great to protect your stuff but also a challenge to get threw. This system is just garbage cause I dont want to run around with my inventory filled with keys… The whole key system made raiding 100 times easyer.

Allow friends to spawn on top of eachother. Limits to freshly joining a server. Join a server and teleport to your friend so you can start playing together. I understand its a survival game but having to spend 40+ minutes to find eachother before you can start playing just isnt fun. Its wasted time. I like to play with friends but this is exactly the reason I dont want to join different servers cause it takes far to long to find my friends online. Even if I find one we still spend lots of time finding the rest.

Other way of finding eachother easyer is perhaps a compass system. That way friends can tell eachother to walk in a specific direction.

Allow us to walk carrying a lantern.

I think its too easy to make a gun. I think these shouldnt be in your standard pallet but discovered by schematics. Within a hour of playing you can be fully geared and have a bolt action rifle to kill people with. Thats not much survival to me. Introduce weapon stages. Knife, stone hatched and bow to start with.

**Using these will result in unlocks. **
Spending time using the knife will unlock the schematic for a 1 handed sword. Spending more time will unlock a shield. Now you can decide to carry 2 swords or one with a shield. Spending more time will unlock a 2 handed sword.
Spending time with a stone hatched will unlock a pick axe. Spending time with a pick axe will unlock the possibility to dual wield with a sword or shield. More time will unlock a 2 handed battle axe.
Spending time with a bow with unlock a crossbow. Spending time with a crossbow will unlock a pistol. spending more time will unlock the possibility to dualwield the pistol with another pistol or the other 1 handed weapons.
After unlocking all these stages you will unlock a shotgun followed by the bolt action rifle. (unlocking a weapon also unlocks its bullets ofcourse)
Now its no longer a one hour playable game to start searching and killing from distance with ease.

Chainsaw would be pretty loud and would give away your location. The hang glider and parachute seems like an easy way into a building from the top. Would be cool to fly around the map, but you would be an easy target for anyone on the ground with a ranged weapon.

Isnt this already being worked on?

Is the key system really set up right now where you can’t set up multiple doors to use the same key?

  • Maps are still heavily in development and will gain a lot more markers / buildings etc. You will be able to find each other a lot faster in the future.
  • I like the idea of spending time with certain items to unlock the possibility craft the next tier item.
  • I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to craft guns right away when Rust 2.0. is reaching baseline.
  • A new / different key system is being worked on.
  • The idea of a glider is very cool, but it might be tricky regarding the system of building and raiding bases.

Most of your suggestions have already been suggested, so i guess it’s just a matter of time to see which ones end up being in the game and which ones will not. :slight_smile: