Shadow, an RP gamemode WIP


Yes, I know there is a flood of RP mods. I’m not saying mine is spectacular, or even cool, but it works. This one is a project that has been revived from earlier this year and completely rewritten. It’s aim is to create a RP gamemode that works similiarly to LightRP, but is written from scratch to be more modder-friendly. Currently not many features work, but I’m going to improve it.

Outdated feature list removed. The SVN logs contain the most accurate information.

Get the public SVN for the latest version:

You have my permission to upload SVN dumps where-ever you want, as long as the SVN revision number is visible on the download page /in the donwload package.

This is not in a condition to be used on your servers! Download only if you want to help me developing it, (Creating and publishing modules or something) want to modify it heavily to suit your server, or just look at the way I code things.

Do tell me about any bugs encountered, and preferably fixes, too!

I’d also like to point out, that you may suggest me anything to put in the gamemode, and I’ll think about adding it. I should be able to do most things you ask me, and the gamemode needs content anyway.

If I download and run this,and it’s a DarkRP edited version,I will hate you.

Coded by me. Sure, stuff is… Uh, borrowed from LightRP, but it’s mostly generic :stuck_out_tongue:

hm are you going to add a way to add in classes easily…if you do then you do know you will have like over 100 versions of this done by other people :\

please dont have anything like that lol you will also get little kids thinking their cool because they made a custom class which even monkeys can do :\

very nice so far :smiley: if you need anyone to do mindless repetitive tasks like making a bunch of weapons/entities/classes or anything then i can do it xD

Guess what, everything will be mindlessly easy to customize, as long as I’m not being lazy. If little kids think they are cool, I don’t care. Customization is needed, because two communities have already asked me to code them an RP mod :stuck_out_tongue: (Actually, I applied for both myself, but whatever)

Also, for the idea that there would be 100 versions of this that differ only by modules, that is what I’m going for. If people can whip up a decent pack of modules and whatnot, they can publish it as a module pack, or a version of the gamemode with those modules already set up. This would, of course, be discouraged, since I’ll be making a few semi-radical changes to the code while it’s still in this phase of coding, eg. mostly bases to build one’s own modules on.

I would like if you made me some DarkRP-style classes and some (semi-)realistic weapons, but I think I’ll manage with other things by myself, for now. Just grab the SVN or the They’re currently exactly the same as my current code. (That is about to change in a few minutes :smiley: )

YAY! Downloaded

Dosycool, you fail :smiley:

Sorry for bumping this. The latest revision log follows:

Versatile blacklist system (No more ripping doors out of walls)
OOC Chat (Both local and global!)
Local and global chat (with chat range, too!)
Lots of chat commands (The core module)
A new chat handler
Stamina system (dysfunctional)
RP name (/name)
rp_physgun and rp_toolgun for enablingg/disabling the physgun and toolgun
Basic DarkRP theme test (Police and citizen classes, no vote)

Lowered player speeds
Payday script toggleable, reset on job change and takes pay amount from class
player.FindInSphere crashing GMod fixed
Classes no longer need a flag table, since it was useless
Block handling works much better, blocks are also reloaded on gamemode reload

Lots of things

The SVN URL is still

Try it out :stuck_out_tongue:

looks sexy ill try it

Be sure to grab the SVN revision, Rev 4 is outdated :stuck_out_tongue:

Crap, Maybe you should refrain from using until it has major updates.

Our team has only finished landmines and a few items may we use this as the core?

Feel free to use it as a core… As mentioned above, this is still very basic, but actively in development. I’m creating it to be flexible and easily modifiable to make it suitable for two different communities.

Also, If you can’t figure out some part of the code, post about it here or PM me or something. I’ll help.

Looks awesome.
Seems like a good DarkRP alternative.
I will bump this whenever I can.

Hold your Horses it may not actually be released.

We Fixed it for now.

The stacked overflow errors are gone but it would be nice to have another lua coder.

another roleplay gamemode woohoo

Yea but its not 2000 empty lines of shit like Darkrp

It’s being made as a job for two different RP communities, but I’m giving out a public release :stuck_out_tongue:

The stack overflow was a weird thing, it shouldn’t have happened to begin with. A simple ‘return true’ fixed it :stuck_out_tongue: Also, it’ll most likely be released, at least as an semi-stable version.

Thanks, it was supposed to be a DarkRP alternative anyway :slight_smile: It’s not usable yet, anyway. There’s no menus and no weapons or even property owning. My current to-do -list looks like this:

Item system:
*Table-based item
*A stock system
*Player-owned shops
*Item shipments

Character system:
*Inventroy (per character)
*Saving characters
*Multiple characters per account
*A flag system (Don't worry, you don't need to use this)
*Restricted jobs/classes/races/something

*rp_oocdelay [DONE]
*rp_* -> rpc_* [DONE]
*Radio chat

*A wait time between votes
*Property owning
*Money handling cmds
*Dropping money

All that was originally written on paper, in Finnish, so it may have some errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the current revision is already… 7? Update your SVNs if you have downloaded it!

Are there any screenshots?

Should there be? There wouldn’t be anything to screenshot apart from the HUD, which is very simple :stuck_out_tongue:

There isn’t much yet, but I can see where this is going. I love the small HUD so far!