Shadow Company & US Rangers.gif (Just testing the models)

First one here is a gif. It’s all ingame. No editing of any kind have been applied to it. The dynamic shadows work great =)


Third ingame test with my modelhacks. Thanks to hellbring101 I finally made some progress at last.

Good posing, awesome skins

I love these guys, as soon as they are released everyone will be posing with them but who cares. I am still loving the short sleeve one.

lol the short sleeve guy even has like, 3D arm hair!!

Or at least, it looks that way.

Sweet models. I can’t wait for those SF guys - I already have an idea for some reskins.

I got a few as well, Chesty.

nice models, pictures looks good also

I cant wait dude, I’ve been following your work ever since you posted in the “model pimpage” thread.