Shadow Company's UH-1H is firing Minigun.


The helicopter model is pretty awesome, and the pose is neat too but the muzzleflash is too yellow-ish.

But nobody’s there to be firing it :raise:

I know as ARMA II the minigun of UH1H is remote control.


Nice posing, it’d be good to see some shading in your pictures

magic minigun!

Yeah…There is UH1H with remote controlled miniguns and sht, but those have…those…lil’ wings with Minigun and sht attached to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, nice one :stuck_out_tongue:

download the ARMA2 demo and you shall understand…

cool model… best trans copter in arma2 imho…

nice posing but the copters normal maps make it look horrible

muzzleflash is a bit too yellow, try making it more orange
shading looks awesome as is the models
contrast is a bit heavy though

Crouch posing is pro sauce.

Have a pallet. Seriously, this is pro sauce

While we’re at it, original for this? I would love to edit it.

here u r

UH-1 is a Huey, isn’t it? That looks like a blackhawk to me, which is a UH-60. I might be wrong though.

You are. Blackhawks have landing gear, not skids.


And are bigger… with different air intakes… and cockpit… and the miniguns are in a gunport that is separate from the crew doors.

I like that, it’s awesome.