Shadow Complex Granade and Rocket Launchers SWEPs

ok i have a not soo big request but is a request see this Video

and now you have see the video ok i put the request now

the request is The granade launcher and the Rocket Launcher From te game but the granade launcher fire the granades you have in the and the Rocket Launcher launchs the rockets from the RPG in the weapons division tab 5 but with a dealy of 15 sec. or 20 sec. or 25 sec… and the model well use the model of the RPG and put im both a magazine of 10 “bullets” and the both firiong modes in 1 SWEP right? and a nice thing i need to request too is the double jump with the jetpack and the wall jump. hey the rifle is a nice thing too right? ok make the rifle too using the SMG model and make an editor of iron sights for this becouse if i use 1 skin in the smg this go to get fckd.

well this is my request! and sorry for the errors i’m from brazil…