Shadow Complex Robots NPCs

Well here i come to make a request of the coolest robots from the Shadow Complex.

I want the robot from this video:
And the one from this img:

Now the 2 robots need to be hard to kill and have a rocket launcher to try to kill you. The robot from the img need to have a scan to search you like a flash light but loking for a target.
The Robots need to chase you if you run.
They need to have a fragile point to if you fire much in that location will destroy he fast, i like if you put that location in the top.
The robot need too a location to you see the people controling he no glass in the front but in the top a shuttle that open so you can kill the people from outside to destroy the robot fast.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is alot harder than you think.

The only person I know who can script a good Npc would have to be Silverian, and making a regualr NPC out of this would be impossible.

Also, we need the models for this, and they haven’t been ported yet. We can’t just go pulling models out our asses.

silverlan is the best you can find