♥Shadow Dash♥ A scum bag.

I was running a private server and he joined. I asked him 10 times to leave and then kicked him. He started wrecking my machinima scene. Im just warning others that he is a bit scummy and should be ignored or added to anti troll ban lists. He starts telling me " You cant ask a member of Team Garry to leave".

Just a warning. We need a troll database or something.

(User was banned for this post ("really dumb thread" - postal))

If you don’t want other people to interrupt you on a server, set a password. I appreciate that you’re trying to help other people avoid an unpleasant person, but the fact is that there are quite a few unpleasant people who play gmod. It’s impractical and incredibly subjective to make a list of all the unpleasant people in the community, so we all just have to deal with them and try to avoid them.

Yeah I know. Like the post says. Its a rant. I just had other things on my mind and he just annoyed me! If someone wants this grave yarded then so be it :D. While im here i still can rant.



Well, the problem with a troll database is that people’s definition of the word varies so much.

Well. Lets find out what a troll is. The thread is becoming real in 5 minutes.

It’s been over 5 minutes, what’s your plan?

You know you can run a local server.

If you don’t want other people joining your sever. Make it private, set a password.
Problem solved.