Shadow Effect. Your opinion...

I always wondered how this was done, so I came up with my own way of doing it. I used the block_light texture and placed them over the grating leaving gaps in the appropriate places. Is this how this is supposed to be done if not is this a “good mapping” technique?

Here some examples of what I mean:

Looks pretty nice, but all the block_lights to match up with a grill will probably drain incredibly on your brush limit if you were to do something like this for a full scale map.

But a nice effect for a small “Show-offy” map!

I’ve heard that this reduces performance greatly when used a lot in a map (correct me if I’m wrong.) Would be cool for certain areas, but this isn’t something to be used much.

It looks really cool, though.

isn’t that what projected textures do, but more optimised and easier?

…Although I never tried to make them work…

Dead chicken is right. Its better for performance doing it this way. You do give up compile time though. Also a better way of doing this probably would be to make a catwalk model and then adding forcetextureshadow to light.rad for it. Then compiling with -textureshadows.

FUcking ninjad

Hmm, just had a quick look about this. Will try it out.

Or just make a texture (or 2, walls and floor) that contain the “Shadow”
(Apply as an overlay)
Its that alot of CSS maps did and it looks pretty damn good.

Some of my own stuff using them. (comparison)

(Just noticed that I should switch that Skip for Hint :P)