Shadow Moses Island (Metal Gear Solid)

Hey there, I’m working on a recreation of the Shadow Moses Island Decontamination Facility from Metal Gear Solid. I plan on completing as much of the facility as I can without hitting the engine’s limits. If I have enough resources left over after the main areas of the facility are built and the map still runs smoothly, I may expand on it, including the port area from MGS4 and connecting the exterior areas to each other, making the map a complete island.

So far, the dock, heliport, tank hanger, canyon and warhead storage areas are connected. However only base geometry in these areas have been close to or are 100% finished. All lighting and textures are subject to change. The rest of the areas are still being worked on and will be integrated at a later time. Currently both basement levels of the tank hanger, the communication towers and the basement levels of warhead storage are being worked on.

But enough talk, here’s the images of what’s done so far:



Tank Hanger: Due to size differences between games, the vents have to be resized and their layouts have to be slightly altered.

Canyon: I’ll probably redo the displacements.

Ocelot’s Boss Battle Room:

Nuclear Warhead Storage Building:

These communication towers alone take up more brushes than the rest of the map put together. 60 stories of stairs will do that. Not quite sure what else I could do with them though. It still runs smoothly though and I haven’t done a whole lot of optimizing yet, so that’s a good sign. Sorry about the dark screenshots.

Also, a quick question; I’d like to use a combination of HL2 and CSS textures. Should I extract the CSS textures using GCFscape and place them in a folder? If so, what folder?


Fucking Incredible. 'Nuff said.

(To answer your question, extract them from the GCF’s into the material folder of the game you’re configured for)

I was thinking of doing this, but yours is looking great so far. If you want to make it something special i’d make some custom textures.

wow cool


can i help you to ?

That’s what I plan on doing, as well as custom props including doors, cameras, vehicles as well as miscellaneous objects like crates and office equipment. I plan on including some easter eggs in Otacon’s office as well :).

i can tag Pictures in mgs4 for you


Looks awesome. I can barely remember what the most of Shadow Moses looks like as the last time I played MGS was when I was about 10. Sweet memories though. I like it so far, even in dev textures it looks okay.

I love you for making this! Nostalgia overflow!

I wish I played MGS.

Alright, I’ve got my custom textures, if I’m testing the map using episode 2, which folder do I put the VTF and VMT? I’ve tried many different folders and they won’t appear in Hammer’s texture browser.

“…\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\materials”

Texture paths in the .vmt start under the materials folder.

Yep, that worked, thanks.

do you need the Pictures Darqeness ?

Great work! I love MGS, one of my favorites games. I remember I have also a map for Jedi Academy and for Sven Coop (Half-Life 1 Engine) with the Shadow Moses Theme. But these maps only features the helipad and the dock, but you did everything. I hope you will finish this map.

Thanks for the offer, but if I followed MGS4 I’d probably reach the brush limit before the warhead storage building. I’m mainly using Twin Snakes for reference.

It looks amazing so far.

Very accurate too, the whole map is burned into my brain from playing that game so much.


Here’s some renders of some WIP models which will be incorporated into the map, some will be static props, but some will be interactive.