Shadow of Chernobyl

Very nice, I like it :smiley:

The pose is nice, but the left is too cluttered, you should have separated the ragdolls a little big more or change the angle I guess.

That looks nowhere like Chernobyl, you are better off with another name

Nop you are wrong, actually it does look alot like Chernobyl in the summer.[/MEDIA]

They can’t get in there!

The Security and Maintenance people will notice them!


Posing is solid, but it looks like the blue guy is firing a warning shot :confused: DoF is good, but the scene is lacking action. Good work!

Nice and all, but you would be totally unable to get that close to the sacrophagus. I recognize it’s building in the right :smiley:

The picture could use a little bit more contrast and I still think you should add dirt to the clothing. It all looks to clean for a typical ctalkep to be around in the zone. Especially that close to the ‘’ Centru I zona’’

Brightness-contrast looks weird.

I can’t say it’s bad, the camera angle works.

The camera angle isn’t good, but the posing is awesome.