Shadow of Chernobyl

I have made a scenebuild.

GoldenBullet’s edit.

I am aware that Chesty has already done this a long ago, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

Original and other angle:

Also a small bonus, it’s a scenebuild too.


C&C, comrades.

They’re good, needs moar vodka now.

I love the first one! Good job!

Very Nice! I wish I could make such an awesome scene-build like yours

The helicopter immediately made me think of Cod4. :goleft:


Astonishing pic though

Strangely true to the original D:

Although it looks absouloutely perfect… This has been done, like, 3 times in the past. :v: (Not only by Chesty)
Not very original, but great scene build.

Nice scene build. Got a picture from a different angle?

Yeah, it should be one of the links in the OP. If not, I’ll upload.

ah, very nice.

Where did you get that treeline?

Episode 2 cliff models, sunk 20 meters into the ground.

Links to them all, please.

PFFFT Holy scenebuild! That’s impressive @_@

Yours is great man, very atmospheric!

I just threw on a few pretty looking after effects :ohdear:

Neat, i love the lighting and atmosphere.

Great work.

Here’s my one, but I did a sci-fi theme.

Oh sweet. Nice atmosphere. The concept… phew this takes me back. The scenebuild isn’t as epically gigantic as mine, but the editing and overall finish of the picture is better. My only gripe is that there’s quite a little bit of wasted space at the bottom and, compared to the concept art, there isn’t as much sense of a massively vast and exciting landscape to explore.

Intense. I really like it.

Love it

Yeah, I think that’s because the flat landscape in the concept art looks more open than my hilly version.

Hm. I figured it’s more because you can see over the lip of the hill into a really deep valley in the concept, where-as in your version it’s like he’s not quite at the top of the hill yet, so you can only see the peaks of other hills in the background.

… we’re analysing this too much.