Shadow of Mordor ripped models - please share if you have them in any kind!

Hello! I browsed the forum and found a heap of game models, usable not only in Garry’s mod but for applicable after some conversion for XNALara, Skyrim, Unity games and other customized games which me and alot of my friends like so much. Your forum seems to be a treasury of different game stuff but misses a great amount of LoTR related models. Personally I am interested in Shadow of Mordor models - I know that this game was hacked by clever guys of xentax, and someone here ripped many orc models too. When I played this blockbuster game, I made several attempts to find and extract models, but couldn’t find the right bms scripts from this xentax forum. Then I deleted the game because of other business, and now would like to try extracting but have no disc space to reinstall all the content. But if someone was enough successful to get orcs, I hope there is smart guys who were more lucky than me and managed to find at least characters, not only orcs. So I dare to ask - if anyone here have rigged models or even textured meshes from this game, please share in this thread! Especially evil guys like Sauron and his captains, and beasts like caragors. It would help other game modders too.
I know other games like War in the North and** LOTR Conques**t cannot be hacked alike, just ripped via directX rippers, but if you have models from these games, share them too, everything can come useful to gamers folk.
If anyone is willing to keep this thread alive, big thanks in advance and happy gaming!

To start sharing, I add some files I managed to get in the web and converted via available now Xentax tools and Autodesk 3dsMax. To my regret, the most of them were untextured meshes, but I will upload them here too if anyone needs meshes.

Here are two rigged FBX figures with textures which I have - Talion and Gollum, both were imported into Max via ShadowofMordor scripts and converted to FBX to keep their bones. These FBX are untextured, because I’ve always had problems with Max texturing workflow, but all their textures were converted to usual dds and you can add them by themselves in your favourite modeller. If you have problems with skin weights, the script is not perfect yet, but bones are present rather correctly.

Talion is here - (FBX and all his default textures) (original animation ANIX files, if anyone will bother to hack them too. I don’t know what is this format.)

**Gollum **is here -

Sorry without screenshots, but fans know their favourites by face. All textures are usual, not HD, but I would be VERY MUCH grateful if anyone shares Ultra HD textures for characters. My PC card was not able to cope with such HD stuff and I have never downloaded them. I think, for modding other games people would find these hd character textures needful.
And here are some other untextured FBX files, which I post as source of meshes and bones. If you have their textures, HD or regular, please share, so that others can combine full models!

The evil guys -

**Sauron **-

**Black Hand (Zainzadan) **-
**Two Orcs (Archer and Berserker) **-

Celebrimbor as ghost -

**Talion’s family (Dirhael, Hallas, Ioreth): **

Rangers, Male and Female -

This is all I have from SoM so far. Hope others will add something to my modest collection. Special thanks for monsters and beasts - Graugs, Caragors and ghouls.And for weapons too. So far I couldn’t find Talion weapons, but found their copies, made for Skyrim. I converted them to OBJ via Max too and can post here at any case of you need them. Although original ones would be much better! And I feel an obvious lack of women, especially Lithariel. So keep on this thread posting for common use.

c-can i bump this now that theres source files in there

Excellent work I too was planning to extract from this at some point but you beat me to it

Excellent my friend, By chance you would have weapons???

Sorry, when I had the game installed on my PC, I couldn’t extract native Talion’s weapons and other props by myself, because there was no right working script for props yet, and the only weapons I could find in the web were Skyrim versions of Talion’s sword and dagger. I converted them from BSA to OBJ and you can download them here -

They look similar but original blades would be much better, and other weapons like orkish too. If I had enough free disc space now to reinstall the game with all its content, I could extract them now, but before I must free my PC from a huge heap of stuff like videos and software and it takes much time. The xentax guys improved (seemingly) their max scripts now and if you have the game installed, you can try your hand too. The newest scripts are here -
I post my links if you cannot download from xentax -
The weapon scripts, old and new -

the old script for rigged characters, which worked on some models where the new script fails.

They are installed into Max script folder and loaded as usual by Run Script. Worked on my Max 2013x64, not sure for the rest Max releases.
Other extraction tools can be found on Xentax in Shadow of Mordor Arch05 thread - They keep on working on tool and converters, so if you register on xentax, you can ask technical questions at there.

Are there any scripts available for Blender, or are they 3DS Max only?

Gigan, just get the student edition of 3ds max, it’s free. Of course when you register, it will ask you what school you are attending and all that but I just made my info up, they don’t check. If I was using 3D Max in a professional sense like for my job then I would buy and use the paid version.

Here’s the two main blades in the game, Acharn and Urfael, ninja’d. The bow is included too, but without its textures.

Thanks, hazzel. Textures for converted characters would be useful too, if you have them.

Good time of the say for all who reads this thread! To keep on this game content sharing, I decided to post here some HD (hi-resolution) textures for game models, both previously uploaded and still unextracted. Standard textures look poor and not so easily altered in graphic software as large maps, so I looked for available HD textures, and found them almost for everything in SoM.
Here are all hi-Res textures for character and weaponry which I could extract from that well-known HD pack for that game. If some of textures are missing for that character, it means there were no HD textures for him or her, as for two female heroines - Marwen and Eryn. For Eryn I found just hair textures. So if you have any textures for them, even standard ones, post here too to complete this set. If some folders do not have diffuse, normal, specular textures or have just Normal Map, these ones can be missing in the most of archives and so I missed them too, or there can be no HD diffuse textures at all. I noticed that sometimes missing diffuse textures can be found in one of all archives, and sometimes they seem to be absent in HD pack. Maybe, they made just HD normal maps for unimportant game items. Just look in your installed game archives for these items, you may find the rest of the maps there.

All textures come as DDS and were converted by me from original tex0 files with a script converter from Xentax forum, so they have original quality. They are 32-bit and quite large, sized from 1024 to 4096 px, diffuse, normal and specular (and sometimes other maps too) and named as standard game textures, so it’s easy to determine where to apply them.
If you want to extract other HD textures by yourself, you’ll have to use Arch05 Explorer to view the contents of archives and Luigi Auriemma’ BMS tool and his scripts for Shadow of Mordor to extract all Arch 05 archives to corresponding folders and then use the Python script to convert them from tex0 to dds. These tools are here -


Allows to view the contents of arch05 archives, for HD pack it shows instantly which textures it keeps within.!kIAGkA6I!qI-1FVdXhpl4kdyJJIhzeQmlxj8Ja3mVIGFPZo5YKms

**Quick BMS **

For all large archives use quickbms_4gb_files.exe with script, it works fine for all SoM archives at all. The program prompts what to do step-by-step. It’s better to extract each archive to its separate folder, then just press Y (yes) when it asks to choose between Y or N and then press any necessary letter to handle with unpacked files as you want (I press A and the magic performs).!ZVI3DLDB!B5abyYAz_cEUCxUmuXV03s48zg-a7waJTZlzD4ygIcg

**ShadowOfMordor_tex_converter_v1.1 **!gVhzkaYS!OJKXrOXU7LuJ0egiSzlFB5d7PHO4SgteT75O6paJdRg

This Python script requires installation of Python on your PC. I used Python 27, not sure about other version. When Python is installed, if you use Windows, just associate this .py extension file with Python.exe and double-click it to run the script. Then it opens the Python’s console and offers to write the path to the directory with tex0. files
(e.g C:\Unpacked\Outro) If the path is ended with \ , the script converts all subfolders automatically. Super-easy and super-fast.

Firstly, there are those textures, for which I have corresponding meshes, because for the most part I have no meshes so far. If you have extracted any missing meshes, please, upload them to this thread, they will be useful for game modders. For missing mesh I write it next to each texture link. For faster downloading from Mega I would recommend the portable mini-application MiPony, it grasps Mega links and downloads several links simultaneously and very fast.

1) Talion

As for all plenty of Talion skins from all DLCs - in that HD pack I found his main textures, the Beastmaster skin, the dark ranger skin (player_skin01), Bright Lord, Lithariel and Power of Shadow (Zainzadan) skins. I am not sure about Captain of the Watch, because I haven’t recognized it within the textures yet, maybe I don’t have it. Zainzadan’s skin is listed inder Black Captains, Bright Lord is under Celebrimbor, and Lithariel’s skin textures are collected in her archive. Else I found his cinematic eye textures in FX (special effects) folder and posted here too.

Talion’s Main Skin mesh is here -

Talion Main Skin Textures!QdAXCJ4S!TOJztn7wpKV66y_-gTfDEnZyxOuOCgtc1kAnE5DfseQ

Talion Beast Master Skin - NO SPECIFIC MESH!RBI1BaoY!pm-_uI2gBSA2zmNcPcUjVXrH7KhnqFzl7jk5cTm9koo

Dark Talion Armor - NO SPECIFIC MESH!gARRhBYA!FyZZQLnrEdSu3w1N1jUKOk04cSjEAsTuqCEIYvCve-M

Cinematic Eyes!AJ5SzBDS!bEDLwK2uvKTzLy92tPNo8k0X5SSwKzjzJQ7VdGLd3MA

2) Celebrimbor

He appears in the original game as a wraith and honestly, his textures are far from perfection even in HD. The elvish form is only in the Bright Lord DLC as Talion’s skin, and I have no mesh for this skin, so both are below.

Celebrimbor’s mesh as wraith -

Celebrimbor Original Wraith Form Textures!oRJm2YRY!gb4AjEcna9QRbyoFzjZKOnMpgQ-PJD7iWf0A-Qm5Y5M

Celebrimbor Bright Lord DLC (player skin 03) - NO MESH!UFITUIJS!1hpRvd1lLT38310EakQe2C4HYgChSTI9HiR8h-DISWQ

3) Lithariel

This archive contains both original Lithariel’s textures and Talion’s skin (player 07), combined in one folder. NO MESH.!xMIU1C4C!8yq0ZX_5mj1NqSMI1k649SEWl6fsr_H8dgLzuJyxgjU

  1. Sauron

Sauron’s mesh -

Sauron’s HD textures!MJ5wGSBB!JClTxYuie56M8PujACWEBD5q3Yo5BNTcyy13qmB-tyY

Sauron’s statue from prefabs\blackgate environment map
NO MESH also. Must be in Intro or Udun map.!ERw1QKLa!RcCVa84SlT8hSrhSUaKkNGd-Yi-v1I90f4IymybEwgQ

  1. Black Captains of Sauron

Black Captain 01 Belroth (Hammer) NO MESH!xVJXjSQa!fmp3vwdcr372s5n-e2S8ALYdTNUL4MWASZklqb1-420

Black Captain 02 Fiendish (Tower) NO MESH!YJ4BhQoT!1hS55gqh48sqFiEFJRxYHZq3-EyhJua1rbFufHliwu0

**Black Captain 03 Zainzadan **

Zainzadan’s mesh -

His original textures -!dZ4k1BxY!aYh8-mtmj6unQqJpj4puLnZah8TIZC9KBdBKqLekm18

Talion’s skin as Power of Shadow (addons to original texture set)!gExgkZAR!4-CdOf51w2-rlGsSDK2mJF1ON3AkMYH4ZcJuu46ozcg

Download both archives to have the full set of textures.

  1. Rangers

Dirhael, Hallas and Ioreth meshes -

a) Dirhael’s HD Textures!MYx33aiQ!BmAcGYt7ZnjcG4UGM6ytgTy_0xukZmbNfU9th81xxZ4

b) Hallas HD Textures (not all textures, has face, hair, and coat diffuse and normals, and only normal map for body)!ccp1DKjS!4k6dtWc2TpQlvlMIYXyuHcdYa_RVqenIIzJwR5uytew

c) Ioreth’s HD Textures!MUwVCC5B!MasNE9RDTjPa8Dpd7eO49wXRJ7IHBkH3FP7rpMXv8aY

d) Ohtar NO MESH
This is some ranger’s outfit, cannot remember such character in the game. ?? What is that model?!VdQRTJTD!h07STSz3yV36Q1QeIewQXErHIDd2nR84mfed_5QZDlA

e) Miscellanoius Rangers’ heads 01-07 POSSIBLY NOT ALL MESHES

Two random meshes for rangers and ranger women is here -
But I have not found any specific ranger women’s textures as HD. But they must be in standard sets.

Textures for male heads -!sFgmCKZC!ocV1cQMPaBUckO0btl96SdxflVAcXmiDEpewy9NKaDs

  1. Gollum -

His mesh -

Gollum’s HD textures -!9EJDhYKK!hIMRlz_IMRgDOX-Ls28AQSSRKT9l-t7vQAme-TWRWdc

Now all textures which have no corresponding meshes yet, but I extracted them for future use.

  1. Hirgon NO MESH!FdRm1QYS!YJHla859li-Tz7Q8rP_YqeJbuRwMNy2NUFaWyF34evM

  1. **Resistance Men Bodies, Hair and Armor **- NO MESHES!tRpFRbrA!QJX4RH4NolN8UpaRjBZ6wIkUaB_JIlZ-YzE8pZzQKS8

  1. Slaves Bodies, Heads - NO MESHES

All slave-related textures -!pQZ0UJAK!FBWbG2XRY1hgQAmKZ1-Ah5Na8TfM8G1zx9fTEBstSlI

Slave Corpse textures -!ZNR3HDBD!tUgPQZ0ydsC-UCI3_z6oELlHX-dD6B5IHJkDsJhTLss

  1. **Eryn’s Hair **- NO MESH

Just her hair hi-res textures, hell knows where to look for the rest. She was available as NPC in the game, so I feel her textures should be in game archives.!5QByQY4a!i9i46Ubn-qXLLPJTE9y8MMz0F_ZI9WWov8YxW6CuZEs

  1. **Torvin **NO MESH!1V41XSxI!zVu-59tNFa5LEMK9CM6IZgPla0-nWyNu6hpR2HTMVsU

**II) Orcs and Orc Armor **

Archives contain all available textures for all orcs, who appear in the game. From all them I have only meshes for Archer and Berserker, if you need the rest, you’ll have to extract them by yourselves. Orcs’ outfits are mostly painted on their textures, though some helmets can be used separately and head are quite large and of a great variety. So if you need these lost textures for orcs, just find HD pack and check Intro, Outro, UDUN and Son archives. The main part of orcs has full set of maps.

Meshes are here -

Orcs Heads, Hair and Torso -!hcYSyBQL!GbMgVfBIt8pgj3q7RaUkyOe8QN319zTqEUPykIxkpLE

**Orcs Wounds and Scars **

The contents of char\global folder for all wounded and killed orcs.!cVIiQDYb!k-kux_1h0evjMiwgtcSrToSPbpCqxop8l2swPBZLnAM

**Ratbag’s head **

I found his head only as separate HD, the body seems to be in common textures (I don’t know how it is exactly named in the game models).!FM4XTZgB!4FcRFX3o7JvpaGQp_2bVsgQsjktkaqEcnSfjHJPhFvU

**Orcs Armor, Characters, Helmets **are here -

Part 1!ZcJFmTIB!RHUsisu5ZZAzwhBThrdBGcF-RX6uqRBzd8gkun2jmmE

Part 2!NZxxCAyS!DiouWJ2byjfcNvN0d0-2xnVuPT3Oic3rJnkdri6rS5Q

Part 3!BYQXHKZS!XSC1v1G2dtAkm0QsnV4_bnJJLHlv0yw3v5FJj-YcyBQ

III) Monsters Textures - NO MESHES

  1. **Caragors **(or wargs)!BYQXHKZS!XSC1v1G2dtAkm0QsnV4_bnJJLHlv0yw3v5FJj-YcyBQ

  1. Feral Goblin and ghuls!JQ5xiBAL!zgozJhxpLWC6zwE7eP165zDGzjOKRco0wCb2nZXgCEE

  1. **Graugs **(or trolls), cave troll and spitting graug!oV4WhYTJ!bWicjTKUEUfaltKbIQhlzLz7ryeN3_A8aORsWKhuz8o

  1. **Wildlife animals **(not monsters, but I add then here at any case)!YcIRRB5B!ROP35aDvek6zWHXO6pXYKxurjF6ghSk7BFtcLQmp6Ug

**IV) Weaponry **

NO MESHES also, expect from the base Talion’s sword and dagger, posted above -

  1. Talion’s weapons

All 6 texture sets for 3 swords and 3 daggers. the archives contain both mid-res and Hi-res textures, obviously with different UVs.!NJxD1RpZ!ZCoOp6hsbQ09C8KnPwLUPLVItQEl5nrnYeps_nWeiwg

  1. Celebrimbor’s elven bow, all textures!AQQgiaYT!A_cGOSV_C6qxuG2FPe6yPzFsJfouaMBSnP6PoVL-BMw

  1. **Blackhand Weapons **

Two swords and one mace of Black Captains!AMZ2GbAT!e9hfn_vsGzHhI028QzHm9tyfzkuW5dMvZ7N_ONDIUKY

  1. Lithariel’s Sword. Must be in that DLC with Lithariel’s skin, if I remember it right.!hcpXTC5a!FNQq_ZkvkHI6RCaODV8zhYkhrCn9kUAya6jhcNsf-mk

4)** Sauron’s Mace** - all textures!tVwRxADC!-bjCPFUqwq-D0WCD-j_2hCz-oUyXHub3GhrJN1KTJy8

  1. Rangers’ Weapons - 2 swords of rangers and the Normal map for sword of Hallas, maybe you find the rest in game main archives.!lI4lFbDD!zqECFWL23fR3_JlgbkHq9n2huzlW8mrkIuFiOjp4IUU

  1. Resistance Weapons - one resistance sword and Hirgon’s sword.!QcgjTYZb!Klc26HDzfmyBnEC2j4nmz8N1W7w0LNf0sdrwaI109V4

  1. Slaves’ equpment - a broom and a hammer.!NAZhhIhS!DfSkpujT_JOGFbOAFnmMKdxaGPwlNzTuJr2dt_ZhJv0

  1. **Orcs Weapons **- all available orkish weapons, mostly with full sets of all texture maps, but you find missing diffuse, normal or whatever else, sorry for incomplete posting, I just have not so much time to test each archive folder. It’s the biggest set of game weapons, so it’s kinda hard to remember all missing maps.!JAYXCQgA!025qe17sr8gQYVngWNECiNEFw6C5w0K8H8ycvlsFY2Y

And one more thing, game plants and flowers. Maybe they are unimportant but I love those original elvish names and textures looks nice. So here is that archive too.

Plants and Vegetation!1J5RUTaD!ZTdgjDcKoVZbJBAOCca6MBnxF1VN0V8Et0bPV6iyPzY

The rest of the game pack was HD seamless textures of stone walls and ground and textures for props like table. Maybe later I can upload them too, but they need particular extracted meshes of architecture and props to determine what textures belong to any mesh, so I leave them in the rest so far. They are collected mostly in Udun and Son archives, in “materials” folders. Textures for props must be in Prefabs or in “details”. In any case, Arch05 explorer makes this search faster, so if you want to try your hand on these Hd pack too, just visit Xentax forum, there is a special thread for Shadow of Mordor and many guys, who understands this game hacking more better than me. I hope these textures will come handy to all who need them. Good luck and happy modding!

Fantastic stuff! Thanks man! Hopefully you find Lithariel’s mesh along with those other captains!

Thanks a lot!
Archives contain all available textures for all orcs, who appear in the game. From all them I have only meshes for Archer and Berserker, if you need the rest, you’ll have to extract them by yourselves.

What tools are needed for extracting the meshes? Thanks in advance

First of all, check this site-

This Italian guy has made dozens of various scripts for games, working with his smart tool Quick BMS. There is a script for SoM listed, it opens embb files.
And read also this thread -

These guys made all these extractors for Shadow of Mordor and if something fails, they can explain what is the issue.

The contents of Shadow of Mordor look like this -

that is Arch05. archives contain embb. archives, which contain actual meshes, skeletons and textures for the game. To view all those riches, use Arch05Explorer_v0.15a. This can not only view the archives but as the author told, can export some contents from embb (unfortunately, for me it mostly failed, but I used the old version, try the updated one I posted).

  1. Opens .arch05 archives
  2. .embb and .bndlxml05 explorer
  3. multiple .embb contents extractor (via treeview selection)

Quick BMS and scripts work much better, I used **quickbms_4gb_files.exe **and for all large arch 05 archives.
In general, the script **shadow_of_mordor **( is usable for all in-game **embb **archives, when you run this script, you can unpack them to get to the meshes. There is the special batch extractor for EMBB archives too - Shadow of Mordor_Export_Embb. It can do the next -

  • Extract [EMBB files]: enter {1}
  • Create [DDS files] : enter {3}
  • Identify [DDS files]: enter {4}
  • Create [TEX files] : enter {5}
  • Import [EMBB files] : enter {7}

When you extract **.embb **archives, run again the Quick BMS (quickbms_4gb_files.exe) and shadow_of_mordor on each desired archive and unpack this archive to any separate folder. After extraction of the archive contents look into the models folder and look for files with .mesh and .skel extensions, these are actual meshes. To convert them to FBX wuth rigging or to OBJ, you should use 3D Max and importer scripts which I posted above -

The source page for the scripts is here -, the author of the scripts updated them from time to time, so check this page too, there maybe an updated version. If you have a problem with UV range (missing UVs in extracted meshes), look for any Max script able to put UV back to 0-1 range. Textures are easily converted with the Python script.

There is a text archive which someone posted on Mega, test these tools on this archive and if they work fine for you, you find in not so hard to run on other game archives.
The test archive (embb) - mega:///#!2QkGlRpa!jbJ8mLEMro7r4lCkmSwpD68JLTqVQgHDnGW8v5u7Ppk
Quick BMS and extraction tools for Shadow of Mordor are here, there is also two more scripts SoM_Extract Arch05 for arch05 archives and SoM_Export_Embb (batch embb exporter)!dEgHDbAC!QQxToRpXxHbQsYPcwAsuLQ

Good luck!

i’m honestly curios about the Hammer of Sauron, I know how to extract the models, such as Sauron and the Uruks, I have the Black Hand and the Tower models, but the Hammer I still am in search of

so if someone has navigated the files fully and knows where he is located please due tell, I already have the other two Black Captains is SFM and i’d like to complete them as a trio, not to mention the Hammer’s mace and Tower’s Blades, as I already have the Hand’s sword

so please tell :3

If you guys look up the Shadow of Mordor thread over at Xentax, it has most of the info on unpacking the assets and converting them for general use.

oh, well thanks
i’ll make sure to do that

actually unpacking and converting isn’t the issue, its knowing where to find specific files associated with certain models

my apologies I was confused

sorry I never brought this up sooner but I felt like sharing now as I need help to get the two remaining beasts I have uploaded everything from the Graugs to the Caragath and Dire Caragor

the only models I need are the Goul Matron and the Legendary Graug (that one with all the spikes and stuff) and I really only need them in .OBJ format you can leave the rest to me

Did you ever get around to converting many of the Orc models to OBJ (other than the berserker/archer)? I’d love to mess around with the models.