Shadow Of The Colossus Texture Pack

Chrisknyfe’s Shadow Of The Colossus Texture Pack

These textures were made to look like the surfaces in the temples throughout the forbidden lands. They are, for the most part, normal mapped.

Also included:

  • Colossus’ eyes, in red and hazel
  • Dormin’s symbol glowing and stone decals
  • The magic rocks from Colossus 12 (Pelagia), with a displacement blend texture, self illuminating.
  • My logo and the clear water textures from Gm_Blitzball (just in case!)
  • a test map (forbiddenlands.vmf)

To install, extract the contents of the “materials” folder in this zip to …steamapps/<username>/garrysmod/garrysmod/materials.

You have license to use and modify these in your own maps at your discretion, as long as you credit me for the textures in your releases.

Hot shit I can use these fuckers!

fukken saved.

Sexy shit.

This is… inspring me… Auugh… Must not… try to make… map… But I must…

The only one I like is the crystal thing

I want Shadow of the Colossus for pc :frowning: