Shadow of the colossus

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if someone will (or has already) extracted
Shadow of the colossus

PS2 version of better, PS3 version.
Like Ico.

'Cause I’m a little 3D image maker about video games
my latest

And I’m dreaming about making a Shadow of the collossus image.

Have a nice day :wink:

I’ll look at it.
Blocked at work :confused:

some guy was working on it:


there is 1 of the colosi monsters hidden in 1 of the Gmod maps, i cant remember which one it is now, i’ll have to find it again, but its not ragdolled or anything

The map is de_wanda, and I can extract all the models albeit, with incorrect UV mapping, I contacted a guy from youtube that extracted some to see how he extracted the models with correct UVs.

The colossus in that map isn’t an actual one from the game. It resembles the 3rd one with one or two things that the 16th has, however it does seem to use textures from the game.

Long time ago, I tried to extract models from PS2 games.
Hard to do with PS2 games. All flats and UV are mad :smiley:

And I’m such a newbie about extracting.
I prefer to do 3D images with models :slight_smile:

There’s a PS3 HD edition IIRC. Would probably look way better than the old shitty PS2 version.

I’ve played both and they have absolutely no differences. ICO is REALLY good at optimizing their games.

There are some differences, but they are very minor and not really noteworthy. The textures were given a slight improvement over their PS2 counter-parts, and the models seem to have been smoothed out a bit more (at least from what I can see), but the changes are barely noticeable for the most part. If anything, the textures would probably be the only thing really worth nabbing from the HD version.

At the same time though, I do think getting the models and textures from the HD version would be more reasonable; although the quality differences aren’t very noticeable between the two, it seems to be a bit easier to get models from a PS3 game than it is to get them from a PS2 game. Or at least, that’s what I’m assuming with some of the content that’s been popping up around here lately recently.

That’s not true, well, not true for Shadow of the Colossus at least, you can fairly easy extract the models using SoTC Viewer, you can even get landscape models.

I have to try !

This works pretty good.
You can view models, animations and textures.

But when you export, it is only .obj
Model aren’t smooth like in the viewer and have more than 3000 pieces. Can’t export skeleton :confused:

You need a specific version to get proper dumps, I forget which one though. but it dumps the scene with full UVs (flipped and massively scaled) and depth but you have to fix the perspective errors yourself and the shitloads of flipped normals.

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Well, it’s either that or nothing. Or you might wait for someone to make a proper script but you could well be waiting for something that never happens.

Yes I understand this is that or nothing, and of course, it’s better than nothing !
I hope someday I could make 3D render with Shadow of the colossus models

James, can You send some models to Me, so I could rig them? Are they t-posed?

We can export them t-posed or posed.
I’ll send some to you

Amazing! Please, extract t-posed Wander too=)

Didn’t find the hero yet
Even his horse