Shadow of the Colossus

This has been asked long ago, but I don’t remember what the verdict was on getting some of the Colossi ported for Gmod.

Would anyone be willing to take this task of porting the Colossi and other models from SotC to Gmod?

Specifically, the one Colossus I want to see is Phalanx, the 13th Colossus.

I have seen a couple of videos of people who have managed to extract the models, so it must be possible right?

AFAIK, it’s impossible to rip from PS2 games. However, I’m not sure about the PS3, so it may be possible to rip them from the HD rerelease that’s coming out soon.

Its possible

what are you talking about?

I was told that the existing emulators render it with zero depth. Anything that gets ripped is squashed like a cardboard cutout.

Of course, that’s just what I was told, I still can’t get a PS2 emulator to run at something approaching usable framerates.

oh ya why are there kingdom hearts models then?

You know you can rip from systems just depends on which one

and need help getting a certain model