Shadow of the moon

looks more like a blue sun to me

Where is your phantasmagoric-romantic imagination? :slight_smile:
I just always wanted to do pic for this song. I’m ,um, feel it like this.

look at this

the moon is far to bright itself, especially if it’s behind clouds, like i’m guessing it’s supposed to be because of the lack of definite shape

I just don’t want make a pale, feeble moon

Then you shouldn’t have put it behind clouds. Also, how the chick is sitting is er, too close to the camera in my opinion, because you can’t really make out how she’s sitting, it kinda just looks like a tangle of limbs to me.

Ahhh, ok, ok, you beat me :downswords:
She sitting very close, because
a) I wanted to show left side.
b) I’m realy tired doing from flatgrass something good, and just didn’t make the right part normal. So, she sitting very close, from the right side