Shadow of War: wheres the model files?

as it stands I have been able to only get the Balrog, Sauron, and some Talion and Celebrimbor stuff extracted, the rest is just textures, I cant seem to locate which .arch06 file contains Eltariel, the Drakes, Nazgul, or even the Orcs, Ologs, etc.

so if someone can inform me on which .arch06 or .embb I can find character models in would help tremendously

If I am not mistaken, it should either be in monsters.arch06 or highmip.arch06 (although that might be only highres textures) or global.arch06.

I am not quite sure as I’ve unpacked pretty much all of these, but these would make the most sense to contain the character models.

As for the orcs and ologs, you might have to further unpack the Nemesis.embb file, however it may not be necessary, in which case you can find the files in a folder called “orc”. The meshes are a bit fragmented though, especially the faces and I also couldn’t find any mesh file for the orc bodies other than the infested and tower orc body as these two use a unique mesh for the body.

Also, if you’re looking for the static meshes, I think they’re in .inst format and I have no idea if it’s currently possible to import that into 3D editing programs or not.

I’ve got one of the orc swords into Source engine, however the smoothing on it is slightly broken and the textures also needed some adjustment.

I’ve unpacked those, but I can’t seem to locate any .skel or .mesh files for characters (probably because all the sub folders, thus making it harder to navigate) so is it possible you could perhaps make a test folder and dig around to provide a list, that would be helpful… also in the first game you wouldn’t happen to know where the Hammer of Sauron model files are located? I still cant find that guy

Actually, the character models and weapons didn’t unpack as .skel and .mesh files for me. I had to go through the folders and unpack any .embb archives I found in them.

For example: orc/buff/ancient/chest/g.embb

You need to unpack that .embb file and it should create a new folder that should go like this:

characters/modelcharacters/orcs/flair/ancient_armor/ancient_armor.skel, .mesh, .anix

Regarding the Hammer of Sauron, I have never messed around with the files of Shadow of Mordor, so I have no idea.

ah okay, for orcs and ologs is how you explained (I checked) so where would the .embb containing the Nazgul be, that’s the one I’ve been having major issues locating (just as illusive like the shadows they are)

The Nazgul should be in the folder called nazgul and the file itself should be called base.embb

But I am not sure as I haven’t tried unpacking the Nazgul myself.

I cant seem to find a base.embb file so i’ll keep looking

Anyone know if Shelob is in the game files? As a spider or human? Been delving through several of the arch containers and haven’t stumbled across her.