Shadow problem on a static prop model

Hi all,

Having a strange problem with one of my models, it does not appear to be lighting correctly with the flashlight. (Will try it with a lightmap soon).

It lights in strange ways at different angles. If I stand on the other side it lights correctly and if I stand half way only half of the model will be lit. At first I thought it was because the collision model was wrong, but now that is correct but it is still doing it.

Any ideas? All help appreciated!

Also, quick question the valve dev wiki says that setting a model to convex adds to the simulation time, is there a hit on performance if you use concex? “Every convex piece adds to the simulation cost so be sparing.”

Sorry for the noob questions, just trying to enhance my levels with models so this is a first.

You might have your models faces pointing inwards. Check the faces on the side the model appears to be lit improperly and try flipping them.
The collision model has nothing to do with this - the article about convex models implies that more elements in a collision model will progressively worsen performance as there obviously is more to check for collision.

I don’t think any of the faces are pointing inwards, thanks for clearing up r.e. convex. In theory, it can be used but try and keep to a minimum.

The confusing thing is, at different angles it appears.