Shadow Testing, Germans, and Russians

(The UN truck is stolen in this picture, there, thats my excuse)

And shadow tests with Red Orchestra 2 models.

Fuck the ladder is fucked in this one.

Critiques, Opinions, etc would be nice.

The blank expression on the german in the first pic is kind of funny.

I agree with you, but yeah, faceposable germans would be bloody useful.

Thanks :slight_smile:

These are all really nice. Your posing is pretty good, same with composition and lighting.

I like all of them, but in the second pic i would have used another crate, since (if it’s a RU base) russians don’t use US Army crates :stuck_out_tongue:

But other then that, good work with the posing and editing.

If you don’t mind of my asking but where did you get that truck in the second picture?
Skingroup to use the UN skin

Extremely solid poses you have there.

Thank you. And great pictures