Shadow The Hedgehog CGI Model Copys

I was wondering if someone could do some model copy’s of the characters in the cg scenes in Shadow The Hedgehog.
they don’t have to be EXACT copy’s, all i am asking for are some well made,well detailed models, like some G.U.N. Soldiers,Black Arms Aliens,the weapons,vehicles,and sonic characters.

Wait, how do you want them, or rather, how are you asking for them?

Because it’s impossible to rip them from the game, those cutscenes are pre-rendered as far as I know.

And to have someone try to model them, well, good luck getting someone to go for it. Your best bet would be to get the regular models from the game, but those aren’t exactly high-quality.

Maybe you should go post in the Sonic thread, see if anyone there can help.

I am not saying to actually copy them from the game,I am saying to try to replicate them in the best way possible.

Haha, yeah, good luck with that. You’d have very low odds of getting just a rip - getting someone to make a full from-scratch recreation of a dozen or so models is about as likely as Episode 3 coming out tomorrow.

In case you can’t pick up on sarcasm, I’m saying that this request, while not impossible, is very, very, very, very, very unlikely - it’s a huge amount of work, for some rather-obscure characters from a widely-hated game (from a series that most people here have disliked since after Sonic and Knuckles). Oh, and you’ve provided absolutely no help, not even a full list of the ones you want. Not even pictures.

Let me give you an idea of how much work you’re asking for. If you hired a professional, a $60,000-per-year professional, to make just one CGI-quality humanoid model, with textures, rigging, and flexes, it would take about a half a week. Full-time. For just one. Making the dozen or so you’ve vaguely requested would require either a full team, or a few months.

None of us here are professionals. None of us here will work full-time on a request. Few of us will spend more than an hour a week on a request. You do the math.

Now, if you could give us something to work off of, that might help. Hell, just get the in-game models - it’s far, far easier to take an existing model and give it higher-res meshes and textures than it is to make from scratch. Or, if the “CGI” models are actually on-disc (unlikely but possible), give us a decent raw rip of them to work from. That might bring your odds up to measurable.

Well, here’s the opening video, in case that helps. I assume most of the humans and such you’re searching for appear there.

OK this what clicks me, left4deadbill91 you saying that someone should port the models from the opening scene, if i’m correct, damn son, theres no way ain’t that going to happen…but theres’ always the ingame models.

You know I am just going to have to get this thread removed some how because nobody gets what I am saying

No, we all get what you’re saying. You’re just ignoring us when we say it’s impossible.

PS: You can’t delete threads, even your own. Only moderators can, and they only do that for spam.

Ripping = Impossible, pre-rendered scene.

Remodeling = Extremely Unlikely, no one’s going to want to do it especially when you’ve failed to post images of which characters you’re describing.

Okay, I’ll post pictures, but how do I do that?

Find the image here on the Internet, right click and choose “copy image URL” (or some form of that phrase), past the URL in Facepunch and then put image tags around the URL to display it. Make sure the images aren’t too big.



(I added spaces so that you can see the URL and the tags without the image displaying.)

Thanks! This is one of the guys that I mean

thats what i’m talking about, they have a shadow model too.

Holy dooly, those models look amazing.

And this guy too

if someone ports this, i’m making it a replacement for soldier in tf2.

and they’d be pretty neat to have in gmod.

Those models are impressive. Where did you get them anyway?

Were those pictures released by SEGA, or does someone have those models? Because if someone has them and someone can get them, then someone else can port them into Gmod.

GuySH, guySH ohmagod relaxSH, I’m all SHscare OK,… they got SHonnic, SHilverrr, ArrrkSHH, EggGunerr, BlackSHH Doomm, AND I’M TRYING BUILD BUMP BEDS, SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh.


…Anyway, the Sonic and Silver are pretty bad in my opinion, (way too detailed, and wrongly detailed anyway) but colony ARK is pretty good looking, as are Black Doom and the robot.

Well, if those models can be acquired, someone can rig them for Gmod. If anyone will step up to the task, that is.

If someone gets their hands on them, take them to the Sonic the Hedgehog thread first. You might get someone in there to do it instead of needing to request it. Overall it might end up being done a lot faster as opposed to possibly not being done at all.

Thread Link;

well not to be negative but how rare those models is, they don’t even have a download link. what yall seeing is a concept samples from the orignal developers “I think”, and I know they don’t want someone to steal their work.