Shadow The HedgeHog Model Ports

I am requesting that someone port the models from Shadow The Hedgehog, I don’t care which console you port them from.

I well show you pictures of the models I would like to be ported below.








And Black Dooms real form (not pictured)

Multiplayer Men (Other Shadows)

Black Ork (not pictured)

G.U.N. Commander (not pictured)

G.U.N. Bettle (not pictured)

The really big G.U.N. mech with the minigun and chicken legs (not pictured)

Black Arms Elite (not pictured)

Black Bat (not pictured)

And Shadow himself.

With orignal SEGA rig please.

You’re doin’ it WRONG.

The image tags are like


Thanks for telling me that!

I don’t think anyone will do this expect if you go to the Sonic models thread.

Also I think this is too much you are asking for.

Okay, what if someone port just the G.U.N. Soldier’s model and the Sig 551?

C:/Documents and Settings/John Moore/Desktop/Kid's Folder/

I find this pretty amusing.


I don’t think Shadow himself needs ported every main character in the game Shadow,Sonic,Tails,Knuckles and Amy pretty much look like the sonic heroes models.

I don’t see why you need to care about that.

It gives us a wierd impression when we see a “Kids Folder”.

you want low poly gun models? also why do you need the original sega rig? whats the different between a rig someone makes?

Sure, ya know where I can find it?

no I was asking WHY you would want low poly models? whoever modeled for shadow the hedgehog game obviously didn’t give a fuck since all his models are complete shit

well here’s we found this

you can use to download it says on description

I wasn’t talking to you plasmid!

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That well work!

Why do you want these, they’re so bad.

ok fine bro! was just voicing my opinion on how terrible the models are.

well maybe you’re right
those models are low quality and very bad ass
maybe something how to port the gamecube version might be better or bad idea