Shadow the Nazi

Shadow looks fucking stupid.
Never use those god awful sonic models.

I knew it.

Unless you have God Like editing skills and can make it fit into the picture.

When I read the title, I was expecting some sort of giant/plane/object casting a shadow on a nazi…

This isn’t what I expected, It’s horrible. Sonic models=bad.

OP is 12 or under.

Why are those 2 half dead nazi soldiers brushing scratching the back of his head?

Yes, lets associate a character from a childrens’ games with the Nazis.

Good idea!

Mario is a Nazi. Just wait till I get back.

i second that!

This picture is dumb.

1.Sonic if a cheap copy of Mario.
2.Sonic is for Furries,
3.and Hentai.
4.That pic should have shown The Americans killing the Nazis and Shadow.
5.Furries are obease, ugly, smelly, retarted 12 yr olds.

Case Closed!

A biological impossibility, I’m afraid.

Yay for you, you can freeze ragdolls.

Divide by 0?

Close enough.