Shadow UI elements?


I’m wondering if there is any built-in function to create shadows on UI elements, like you find in most modern games. I know that DrawShadowText does something like this for text, but what about for non text elements?

If not, would my best bet be to just pre-create these as images in

Thank you.

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You can use BShadows · GitHub

Example usage, the x/y needs to be relative to the screen, you can use Panel:LocalToScreen - Garry's Mod Wiki to get the x, y of the panel.

surface.SetDrawColor( 255, 0, 0 )
surface.DrawRect( x, y, w, h )
BSHADOWS.EndShadow(intensity, spread, blur, opacity, direction, distance, _shadowOnly)

Blue’s Shadows is quite expensive however. The best option for fps would be to create the textures like you said and disable panel clipping.

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