ShadoWalker lagswitching/hacking.

I had an encounter with ShadoWalker today where he was shooting me and my friend through our home walls. Completely useless since we got our stuff back but still quite annoying. We need bans on lagswitchers/nsteppers. He even openly admits to being a nstepper. This kind of stuff ruins the game for me. I know it is only in Alpha and this will probably happen a lot. The issue is there is tons of evidence throughout these forums about ShadoWalker nstepping. Why don’t they openly ban him. Make a statement. I know his entire little clan does it too [DES]. Lagstepping is bannable in my opinion because it is an option one chooses to exploit the game and gain loot. In my opinion it is worse than duping.

That was the rant for the night. Excited to see the continued development in this game. That is, if I am still playing it. Action needs to be taken on people like this.

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Apparently someone posted this same issue in the same timeframe as me… I apologize for the duplicate post. At least you see now that it isn’t only my issue. Postal please don’t ban me for 3 days or whatever. Just delete the post if you’d like.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, missed the hackers thread" - postal))

Yea we’ve got video’s posted on the forums of Shadow Nstepping. He even tried raiding us earlier today and was Nstepping but he got owned (US BEING TEIG21’s Crew)

All the [DES] clan glitch / cheat with no remorse. Total wanks.