ShadoWalker N-stepping/lag switching

Don’t know if it’s ban worthy or not but here the video is. Guys a douche, he just N-stepping/lag switching whenever we raid him or owning his team in a fight. Makes the game really lame.


Also it would seem there is a video of this guy doing it aswell.

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Really? Where is the proof at? You saying it, you dying? How do we know you didn’t get shot by numerous guys at one time?

The 2nd video clearly shows the person desynced from the game and then my member dies. Where does your video show me frozen in place?

Nice try.

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Also wrong section, if you really want to report me with that “evidence” head to the proper thread.

You’re so full of crap… lol

I’ve been noticing the same thing when fighting certain people. Freezes for about 2-3 seconds and instant death. I have no problems ever with my internet connection or computer. Usually get 20-60 ping with US servers in other games. GTX 680, i7 2600k, 16gb ram, ssd

Man I wish my community gave a shit enough to post on here and up everyone of my posts. :rolleyes:

ummmmm only 1 person in my group even did anything in this thread? but nice try?

not a member of their community… its pretty obv shadow. I just dont like cheaters.

Neither do we, that is why the other video is from us, posted on the bug report section. In fact most of Desolations members won’t touch Rust until the game gets sorted out.

Fact being his video shows nothing other then him claiming he got lag switched. All it did was show him die. You know how many times my friends and I have had the same exact same thing happen to us since we started playing Rust 2 weeks ago? Quite a bit. Lag happens people die, but until he can provide something a bit more solid (which will never happen) its only Esco and them trying to make me look bad like always.

Same thing when the dupes was around, right around when we started playing. We never touched them, always got raided by guys with full kevlar 20 charges , m4’s. Taking our shit, we would move chalk it up and start again. Until finally we get some kills get some gear and fortify. Next thing you know same group is calling us dupers, yet 90% of the shit we had was from Esco and his bunch.

So long story short , its the same shit different song.

Shadow you do this all the time you’ve killed me the same exact way about 5 times same with darkstar and i’ve caught it on video as well.

Shadow your so full of shit it’s funny. It’s so obvious that you did it and wont own up to it. I dont lag. End of story go watch my other video that 30 minutes long. I do not lag. Lol exact way i died was how you die with a n-step. Not to mention before that you killed our whole group that way. You pathetic as fuck.

Ricky no worries. N stepping was patched a while back but seems to have returned. it will be fixed soon again.

shadow, good luck once its patched :slight_smile: i shared this long ago when it was first a problem so you can enjoy your ban. until then keep pretending your oblivious.

BTW. ty for the duped loot. love taking stuff from kids who cant win with cheats

EDIT: ricky dont argue with the kid. ive got more than what i need to have it taken care of… he thinks hes smart by reporting it then abusing it…
im on campus atm, but i can easly disprove everything the bitch tries to say… when i get back i gladly will.

my favorite quote from him so far, after i tell him Goodluck when his method of abuse is patched, he tells me goodluck when my aimbot is patched. he justifies N stepping by calling anyone better than him an aimbotter… good logic. just another mad bad

Lag doesn’t happen when people die, you instantly killed him. The lag was after you had already killed him, when he was dropping his armor (which causes the lag). You clearly were able to instantly kill him.

This may come as a shock to you but most of the “lag” you ever experience usually has to do with the server/backbone of your connection and usually not your machine it’s connected to.

The server is also in DC, so posting a speedtest located in your town isn’t going to give an accurate representation of your speeds considering the server is in D.C.

[DES] group is pathetic.

It’s just sad he refuses to admit that he does it : ( We have so much proof and he is in denial. O well. Prob should just close the thread as it will just end in more flaming and bashing.

You shot me through my home wall and my friends home wall when I had full kevlar on in one shot to the head. Fuck you man. Quit trying to defend yourself. I have video of you admitting to Nstepping in chat… You want me to upload it?

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Wow shadow how low can you go?.. -_-

Feel free to upload anything you want, the validity of it is none. With the current name changing mechanics anyone can impersonate me. Which from what I understand after logging out last night someone was impersonating me in chat, saying all kinds of insulting and degrading things to make me look bad.

Anyone can do it, its part of the game. Feel free to believe what you will. Until it happens to you, then you may understand where I am coming from.

o ok so just a random shadow walker was running around your groups base and nstepping me after i kill one of your group members OKKKKK i so believe that!