You never want to go to Shadowland…

As always C&C welcome. Thanks for watching. :smiley:

This is some creepy shit. I love it. Very original. Art it is.

Some of the blur seems odd though.

Needs to be darker but good nonetheless

The art style going on here reminds me of the cutscenes in inFamous for some reason.

Nice work. :buddy:

You’re right. this would make an even more dark atmosphere. The only problem I’ve got with those little critters, is, that they’re pretty hard to see, if I would’ve made it darker. I’m a total noob, when it comes to lighting…

edit: Actually I had “Heart Of Darkness” in mind, while making this.

nice creepy atmosphere. I especially like the third picture

Well it’s fine and all but they’re so glossy, and not really in a “sticky, creepy” kind of way but more like the “oil-covered ex-model” kind of way.

Not really your fault though, the pictures looks nice otherwise.

what are those things from?

What are those things? I want them.

Please make another shot of them engaging someone and mercilessly slaughtering them. :3:


they are dancing!!

oh my god I love!

I’ve found them in the personal skins thread. Have a look.

Yeah, all it needs is to be darker.