Shadowmanpph's Par Aperture Science Citizens

Someone requested these skins, and I wanted to start learning to skin. Here’s a full day’s work.


I should provide more info. These are not hexed, but they replace the white shirted refugees. Any model in Group02 is going to have orange pants if not the whole ensemble. If you want the regular citizens, look at the Group01 models. They can all be found in the Hl2 Characters tab in Gmod.

Wait, didn’t someone else already do this concept?

No harm in an alternative

Nice job there but on pic 2 the pants look a bit blockey

Same thing happened to Billy Mays.

I think it’s the model.

Didnt Spartan do somethin like this> or id he decide to keep it for himself?

No, he released it in a small pack.

Spartan’s are way better.

and were would I find Spartan’s pack?

Yes, where would we find this pack? I’m interested.

Also, I’d rather you comment on the quality of the skins rather than the quality of Spartan’s work.

fair enough. The skin isn’t bad at all. the only thing that bugged me was the refugees with blue shirts now have only orange pants, and none of the female refugees are skined. other than that, I can’t find much to complain about. props to you.

“Deploying Suprise…”

They seem sort of low res, there are a few citizen packs around with some high res sheets.

ok can someone tell me what folder i put this in? cause its being a pain in my a$$