Does anybody know if Rust is going to be fixed soon so Nvidia SHADOWPLAY works again as Dxtory and Fraps are far too laggy in the game to record.

I just tried using Shadowplay for Rust last night, and could not get it working. There was not even the usual red slash indicator in the corner of the screen, just no indicator at all, and it wouldn’t record anything. Weird, since Shadowplay works perfectly with all my other games.

I see several videos on Youtube of Rust that say they were recorded using Shadowplay, so obviously it was working at some point. Did the most recent update break this or something?

Yer worked for me before last couple of updates. When they fix the hackers, hopefully they will also fix this with that update.

I can still use FRAPS with no issues…

I’m still not sure if this is an issue with Rust or with Shadowplay, though. Has anyone else that uses Shadowplay had the same issues?

I’d really love to use this for recording game sessions and cool stuff that happens as I’m playing, but I’m not entirely certain where the problem even lies at the moment.

It’s only with Rust. Stopped working during an update before as well, I think it is just a coding error where it doesnt go fullyscreen properly so shadowplay doesnt realise.

I use shadowplay for my rust videos and it’s really hit or miss. I’m pretty sure this is a problem with shadowplay. I’ve noticed it normally works by saving the last 10 or 20 minutes rather than continuously recording.

This would make a lot of sense actually if that’s the problem, since Shadowplay will not record in windowed mode. Is there a way to somehow “force” fullscreen mode in Rust? I’ll have to do some experimenting when I get home tonight.

I’ve been using Shadowplay without any problem for the last few days (since I started). Initially it didn’t work, but that was only because I was in windowed mode.

Sonya, from what I can tell it appears that my game is running fullscreen, but the behavior of Shadowplay and how it won’t even register as activated makes me think that it is actually somehow still running in windowed mode as James suggested. Do you know of a way to force fullscreen mode on besides the launcher window?

OBS isnt lagging the game out any for me when i stream

I don’t think OBS will be affected by this. If it’s actually a full screen issue then that would explain the behavior I’m seeing with Shadowplay. From everything I can tell it is running full screen though, but there’s no other reason I can think of why it won’t run on this game.

In order to get Shadowplay to work, at least for me, I had to run the game in fullscreen instead of windowed. Try that.

You have to play fullscreen for it to work. I had to same problem using it in window, switched to fullscreen and it works now. No for laggy fraps!

That’s what we’re saying, even in full screen it isn’t working. When you go into full screen right now, does it work for you? Can you do a quick test recording?

Or BluSub, can you try it and see if it’s working right now? If it’s working for you, I’d love to try and figure out why yours is working and mine is not. Especially since all my other games are recording just fine with shadowplay.

I have had it working previously, but it has always been a bit hit-and-miss… But rust is not the only game that it does this with…

Lets not forget that shadowplay itself is still very early in its development, so when you take buggy recording software + buggy Alpha game weird stuff gunna happen sometimes…

I do however seem to recall a thread about this kind of issue with Shadowplay, over on the Nvidia and the EVGA forums, and i believe that their devs are working on it aswell…

Works perfect for me.

Can any of you guys who say it works perfectly for you take a screenshot/photo, showing the icon in game, with the time stamp. Lots of trolls on these forums unfortunately and would imagine if it doesnt work for some people won’t work for any, or these people haven’t played the game for a while, and think it still works.

Can’t seem to take a screenshot that will show the icon. Trust me it works, i have 25gb of rust footage.

Which operating system are you using Mateoz