Shadows and Physic issue

Hello there,
I am relatively new to coding Garry’s Mod lua, but I have the basics down. There are a couple issues that I just cannot figure out though.

  1. First off, whenever a prop has a custom playermodel equipped, and someone shines their flashlight on it, the model’s shadow appears above the prop itself. I tried using the code


in various places, but all of them just made all the models invisible.

  1. Secondly, on certain maps, such as cs_office and cs_italy, there seem to be no physics for certain entities (I.E. the couches and chairs on office, and the fruits in italy).


(ps. yes it says noclip, but i disabled it, I was just using it to get to the couches)

I would greatly appreciate any help offered. Thanks

Try mounting css to your server.

css is already mounted to the server, I am using a dedicated server and it was already pre done