Shadows on connecting displacements?

I’m using a grid of displacements to make a realistic terrain, but it makes these shadows where the edges connect.
How can I prevent them from drawing shadows over each other?

Max sure you select the faces you want as displacements and not the whole brush. Also are you compiling with normal or fast?

id first try bumping up their lightmap scale to something like 64 and see if that has any effect. if not it could be something relating with the sky_camera position. i had a similar thing with a multi story car park map a while back and it was because the skybox was casting a shadow onto brush faces level with it.

also, wall needs to be bigger and more anti taco

I’m compiling it with fast because I can’t get past vvis on normal.

I’m also pretty sure only one face per brush were made into displacements.
And I might have the lightmaps set to 255, I’ll see what happens when I put them back to 64,

I’ll definitely get back to you

I’ve had this problems for a while, make sure to compile with VRAD on normal or full if possible. CompilePal works best with this kind of compile.

What settings do you use?

I’ve actually been using CompilePal and I seem to only be able to compile my map on the default preset “Fast”
anything else and I can’t get past the vvis stage.
Oddly enough, when I try to make a new config setting, it seems to just let me name it, and not change any of the attributes.

Vvis compile times can rise exponentially with the amount of visleaves. use func_visclulster to cluster together visleaves that’ll have the same visibility. It can drastically reduce compile times for vvis.
The number count for vvis is also kinda backwards. For some maps, the last “10” can take just as long as the first “1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…”.

Alright, so I’ve managed to figure out compile pal so that I can make a build with fast vvis and regular vrad.

Unfortunately I still see the displacement shadows. I’m pretty definite each displacement brush has only one face, too. What else could be causing this?
Oddly enough my displacements do have a lightmap scale of 21-32, so I’ll definitely try increasing that tomorrow.

Fast VVIS causes these “cuts”. If compiling on normal VVIS takes more than 3 minutes on a modern computer ( and this is being generous as even superbig maps doesn’t even need 1 minute ), it means your map isn’t optimizated.

Load the portal file on Hammer ( is generated each time you run VBSP ) so you can see how the visleafs are being cut. The more blue lines the worse.

Thanks, I actually didn’t know this.

As a quick bypass though, I managed to get it to work on fast vvis through setting the displacement’s lightmaps to 64.

Anyway I recommend you to fix the map so you can run VVIS on normal. The performance in game will be better.