i want to get nice shadows in this map. and the light and light_spots dont really cast dark shadows in this room. can anyone help me?

this is the room

Well, I don’t get what you’re really going for. Please explain it a bit more. If you just mean better shadows in general, then you can lower the lightmap scale. If you want more shadows, get rid of some light or make it dimmer. But really, explain it more.

You could use brushes with Blocklight texture to create artificial shadows.


I’m not ure though, if the max. amount has been increased in gmod.

thanks guys. it looks much nicer

When I look at the picture something feels off, I don’t know what it is though. It might be the fact that the pipes arn’t casting shadows or something.

From the first picture I think it may be reasonable to ask, is there maybe too many Light entities?

hmm maybe its because the lights are under the pipes. besides if u look at the back of the pipes to the far right. u can see the shadows

By that logic the entire top half of the room should be in shadow.

It almost looks fullbright. Tone down the brightness and don’t use strong “light” entities.

The pipes have shadows, just look at their backs. I think it’s the light fixtures themselves that lack shadows, because the ceiling looks too illuminated.

Change the color of your lights, make it a light tint of blue for fluorescent lighting. White lighting seems almost fullbright.

It’s an industrial kind of area, so yellow would be more fitting.

On topic, you just have too much light in that room. The shadows are there, but the lights on the left and right of the pipe illuminate the shadow, making it appear to be gone.


Solution: Remove every second light from that room.

Also, consider lowering the ceiling and using wall mounted lights. That will help heaps for this shadow effect.

The model for the light source was fluorescent lighting (which naturally has a light blue tone to it), but I do agree that yellow is more fitting. He should definitely change the lighting source and lower the ceiling.

Have you looked at the model he used? It has an old yellowish coloured tube.

i updated my map quite a bit. some of these posts i havent seen yet so i still may use your ideas. idk if embeding works on this so im gonna try it if it dont ill ad a link

Try making the cones a sharper angle, turning down lightmap scale to 2 and make the light brightness a little dimmer. Might make it look a little darker in which if you don’t want, remove 1-2 more lights, increasing cone angels, and if possible, raise the lights to cast larger shadows on the pipes? I’m not sure which would look better but the latter sounds like it may be cooler. :downs:

The lighting looks really unnatural.

Increase you lightmapgrid scale… dk.

I think you mean decrease. Increasing the lightmap scale will make it look worse.