Remember when you were a child, didn’t want to leave the light? How your mind would play tricks on you and make you see things that were not there? Hear things that weren’t? You’d tell your parents to leave your door open so the light could come in…what if they weren’t tricks after all?

For some they became real. Other’s were drivin to tears of fright. Some children even commited suicide. Things that go ‘bump’ in the night might not be so fake as you think, so remember. Next time you switch on the basement light to go down. . .

. . .do you really need those chips?

please don’t tell me that’s a curved dick in the first one O.o

it’s the penumbra zombie’s umbilical cord dick thing

Thanks for putting that image in my head.

What is the 2nd one anyway?

Oh god
I shat a brick from the first image, but the second is… human-bug or what?

Combination of a Silent Hill creature, Penumbra infected, Killing Floor Crawler, and a black Head Crab.

Again, remind me scary games. Nice shadows

Too complicated, possibly the creature itself is more frightful than it’s shadow. Anyway good images.

EDIT: Hidden sexpose huh?

The first pic reminded me of Nosferatu.

That’s exactly where I got the position idea from.

Now I feel bad. :saddowns:

No don’t worry. I’m sure he thinks it’s awesome like the rest of us think.