Shady Sands is now a new Ghoul Necropolis


Edit One:

Edit Two:

FPSdars Edit:


Alternate, improved version:

The posing sorta sucks.

I like the third edit.

Looks good, i like edit two the best.

Only one problem I see with the scene itself is that all of the dead people are wearing Vault Jumpsuits. Shady Sands had mostly people wearing old ratty pre-war clothes in it or robes (if I remember right)

But otherwise, it’s nice and I like the first one for some reason.

Not as an excuse but this was set in like a time long after everyone in Shadysands died, then all of a sudden vdwellers arrived, populated, then were fucked by ghouls, then years later another Vault Search party came and got ripped up and this is based on that scenario

This so says shitty pose thread.

Stop advertising, troll

Why is the juke box floating?

Also I hate the posing. :confused:

How the hell did they kill an Enclave soldier in tesla armour :confused:


Unless a fucking Reaver killed it.

posing isn’t that great

Death. That’s not a troll. That’s the truth.

Also, stop making threads UNTIL you have achieved the “Decent Poser” trophy.

In his defense, the Ghoul models are a bitch to pose.
But yeah, your posing could definitely be improved. Otherwise, it’s pretty good.

I hope you realize how egotistical you sound by saying that.

I do.

Your point? What’s the point of having an ego if you don’t abuse it?

My point is that you’re being an asshole when you could just help him improve instead of telling him to stop making screenshots.

Also, fyi, having an ego isn’t exactly a good thing.

Dude. He’s made like 30 screenshots and like 20 threads for them all. I’m (We’re) getting annoyed. We’ve told him what to do to make it better, and he keeps turning out crap. We’ve given up.

** Poeple the ghould in front has his HAND IN HIS PANTS! **

We got a crisis here!

I don’t think you understand the definition of “in.”

I like all of them actually, although the overly dark one less than the others.

The posing isn’t that bad IMHO, but the guys being ghouls and hence clumsy does excuse for a lot. Even so, the guy standing on the background looks a little awkward. The sitting ghoul looks awkward too, but somehow it seems to be part of being a ghoul.

For some reason I keep looking at the jukebox O_0…