Shagorathi - Episode 1 : Intro

Shagorathi is a comic about Facepunchers living in a complex. This complex is based on an empty planet named Shagorathi. This planet is not livable. Getting out would result to death.
Anyway, the comic starts the day you’re supposed to leave this planet to get back on Earth, since your researches led to this fact : this Planet is useless, nothing except rock, it never had water and therefore, nobody ever lived there.



Awesome or You’re so cool, i want to suck your cock

I almost lol’d at “nobody wanted him to wake up anyway”!
And I’ll tell you, making me lol at a comic is god-like.
The story is nice though!
And of course I will make the default: I was not in it! >:(
Nice job!

I pressed Y!

** I PRESSED Y! **

It doesn’t matter what you pressed anyway, you’re forced to continue. :v:

(unless you’re a bastard pressing Alt + F4)

Uhm… N

Alt + F4.

Choose another option or i will bite you to death.

it’s only slight dain bramage

and this reminds me of the old 1980’s table top game where everyone is mental and take orders from a computer.

Oh look, that’s me in the last frame.

I pressed Y and It’s not working, FIX IT NOW!

heh, joke =P

Keep it up with the awesome work, mate!

Did you press Enter ?