Shaiya models extraction/conversion tool [request]

Game site:
I got a tool to extract the game contents. (Shaiya Data file tool)
But the models come in a .3DC and 3DO file… I have searched but no tool can convert this for free. any pointers?

I rewrote the 3D Object Converter’s .3dc export module based on the new idea I used firstly in the Rysk Your Life 2 .z3m save module.

(A nice user from Brazil tested it in the Shaiya Online already.)

I uploaded the latest version to my web page:

How to edit the original .3dc file:

  • Open the original .3dc file with 3D O. C.

  • Export it to 3D Studio .3ds format
    (If you export it to .obj format the 3D Studio MAX maybe optimize the loaded model, in this case it is bad.)

  • Import the .3ds to 3D Studio Max

  • turn on the Completely replace current scene

  • turn off the convert units
    (if you will not turn it off the 3DS Max scale down the models 40-fold!)

  • Modify the 3d geometry (you can move the 3d points, but don’t delete 3d points)

  • Export it to .3ds format

  • Import the .3ds to 3D O. C.

  • Export it to .3dc file (with selecting the original .3dc file).

  • The exported .3dc file will contain the original bone related datas with the new 3d geometry.