"Shake your foundations" - My first Mass Effect "pose"

Yeah… I finally gave in and downloaded the damned models. I wasn’t in the mood for making a real pose, so instead I made this. I honestly don’t know if it turned out well - my judgment is clouded by all the shitty poses I’ve seen.





Greenscreen, if someone wants to try to do something better/worse:


Constructive criticism, comments, ratings - all that shit.

Oh and really, really, really - comment and rate. It makes us “artists” feel good/bad about ourselves.

Looks okay. Muzzleflash from Chesty’s Tut?

Looks okay. I like the lights.

I don’t remember. I’ve had it on my PC for the last four or so years and I always kept it with the thought that it’s going to be needed one day.

isolation looks great.

Yeah, greenscreening is really useful.

Shameless bump.