Shaky screen and can barely move

Everytime I open a new game and hit multiplayer, 2, 8, 16, doesn’t matter how many players, I load the game up and the screen is freaking out on me, I can barely move, and it still does it even when I no-clip I have no friggin idea what the hell is happening it has never done this before.

Probably one of your addons is shit coded.

tried uninstalling addons that could do this, now rather than a shaky screen liek 3/4ths of my body is in the ground, I can still barely move, from third person view I don’t even have a player model anymore.

How many addons do you have? Might be the new LUA file limit.

FA:S and Sleek Weapon Base both cause your screen to go crazy if you have low FPS while holding one of their weapons, do you have either of these?