Shalmar Plaza

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Phew. Honestly didn’t think I have this much patience in me to stretch working on one pic for 3 days.

Softened edges a bit. Thank you, mcharest.

Very nice image, with one exception: the depth-of-field in the foreground has some unusually crisp edges.

This is very good.

Love them details man, very enjoyable in 4k.

It’s so pretty!
I can totally see this being a real place.

i would very much prefer a stronger light-shade contrast, but the build is very impressive

where’s that road from?

The build is good but the aliasing and crumbly DOF is very ungood. It’s like it was rendered at a lower resolution and blown up.

But where is the classic Mass Effect lens flare?

Strange, because original image size is 7680x4320 (poster 4) shrunk down to 4k and 1080. Gmod settings are maxed out, nVidia post maxed as well.

I could use a gmod or sfm reference of what’s considered “good” DoF to improve on what I got.
Right now I slap field blur on the precise isolation of the foreground and then gaussian blur to just the outline (select-modify-border)

All from Mask’s pack.

Frankly you must have used a terrible downscaling method then, since the central details are so jaggy it’s actually kind of sad how so much detail was lost.

Just use ingame Super DOF or the Aperture/Focal Distance sliders in your camera in SFM. Don’t use Gaussian Blur because it’s a “cheap” blurring method and blurs things along identical algorithmic lines every time. It looks alright to a passing glance, but anyone who knows Gaussblur, or has seen images with gaussblur before, will spot it. Use it for things like smoke and bloom layers rather than full-opacity ones.

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Oh, it’s the JPEG compression. I just looked at it in GIMP because I was gonna highlight it and… yeah. JPEG really took the axe to this. If you can, re-export the XCF/PSD with a higher JPEG quality.

This is the sort of thing I mean. All the wrong edges are overamplified by the artifacting, and the more important details are just lost.

tell me, what exactly are these supposedly important details that were lost in the compression? what are they? because i can see everything the scene is clearly meant to show just fine. it’s not a problem if we can’t see up a Turian’s asscrack from over here.

also, DoF doesn’t work with GMod posters.

Super DoF doesn’t work with poster command.

I have no idea what details you are talking about. Did you upscale the 1080p pic? Why? 4k doesn’t look that bad even if you upscale it, I checked.
Here’s what JPEG “really taking an axe to something” looks like (saved at 0 quality, I think if Photoshop had emotions, it would ask me "you want me to do what?:

Another pair of eyes, anyone? Joazzz? He’s usually the first to notice aliasing issues and compression.

Gah! Ninja’d. Speak of the devil.

yes, there is aliasing, and it’s most apparent on those railings up there and further down the road in the seams of the panels.

but it’s not the scene-breaker that Dr. Photography J. P. G. Compressionson II apparently makes it out to be. just something to watch out for next time.

frankly i didn’t even notice it at first, but then again my eyes are used to jaggies caused by the sharpening effect i always use

There’s no need to become so overtly hostile about it. You guys seem to wonder why this section lost a lot of members. BEAR was dealing with the criticism fine, and ultimately it’s just my perspective. Whether he takes it or leaves it is up to him. Does it matter what I say, if BEAR doesn’t take it to heart? Do you really need to prove yourself by expertly smacking me down on some altar of ownerage? You’re better than that, and you know it.

This isn’t 2009 anymore, my friend. We are all just artists making things to show each other. There is no competition. Nobody is objectively better or worse, and nobody is ever beyond learning. There are always new things to learn. When I criticize something it’s not me going “wow this is shit compared to MY (or anyone else) works, this person is Bad” it’s “I think something in this image is under par, and I’d like to suggest how it could be changed”. If I really took such issue with the image I wouldn’t be here discussing how it could be improved in future.

I didn’t upscale the image, that screenshot I took was from when I scrolled in a little in GIMP, completely unblown. I probably zoomed in way more than I needed to, but really it was just to make what I was trying to talk about to the forefront. I have a lot of issue expressing what I mean in words – part of why I use visual media and music to express myself – and so I figured showing what I meant.

Also, the details I’m talking about are edge smoothness and facial details. Noses and brows are obviously lost in the image due to JPEG compression. In an effort to save filesize that is assumned ‘wasted’ by the algorithim, it inadvertently medians out detail.

I’m not a PNG snob, for the record. I use JPG for everything I publically post and I think that PNG is an excess used for project files and pre-import textures only. It just looks to me like you exported it at a value below 95, which is where you start to get artifacts and lose detail.

As for the DOF issue then I’m sorry, I guess I don’t have much of a better solution. I use SFM now and I’ve forgotten a lot of GMod details (I even forgot about the DOF issue) because of the move. Frankly I’d suggest GMod more if you’re making posters of detail such as this, since SFM has issues dealing with more than two subjects. All I’d suggest is finding a method that isn’t Gaussian blur. Maybe try fiddling with other blur options.

Goddamnit you have got to be the most obnoxious person on this whole forum, talking like you know shit while all your pictures are basically filter rape + lighting that obscures the whole scene. The fact that I thought you are still using Garrys Mod instead of Source Filmmaker should speak for itself.

The picture is fine. There are far more important points for criticsm than .jpg artifacts in the picture.

Please, spare us your wisdom. You aren’t helping anyone.
If you don’t want people to be hostile to you, you probably shouldn’t sound like a smug smartass while giving your “indepth analysis” of the picture.

Snip: Actually, I’m not engaging this.

Fucking incredible dude.

I think the picture looks pretty good, although I think you could’ve tried to break up the repetitive texture on the walls a bit more, I personally would’ve added some of the dirt decals from TheMask’s pack, but that might just make the walls look more dirty then they should be.

Still, I like it. Therefore, have a Winner!

no krogan headbutt, 0/10

wtf?? i have the mask’s back and i’m pretty sure all the updates as well but i can’t find that model in the list

did he upload a new update or did i forget something?


nvm it turns out i never got update 8 for some strange reason


apparently i dont have these models at all, even though i have the entire sbmp