Shame on hackers (Hear me out)

Hey y’all!

If you are here, you probably are looking for a key. Me too. But what really annoys me are all of these hackers getting a key, breaking the game, and getting banned. It infuriates me to know that someone out there right now is about to, essentially, throw a Rust key in the trash. Uggg.

If Garry could, he should remove the keys of hackers, then release it to the public too some actual deserving people.

guys you are being a bit nearsighted. im a hacker, and i know many who are, but we are white hats. whats the difference? we dont hack something without permission, or without telling the owner how we did it and how it can be fixed.

so you may have hackers on the game now in beta/alpha. and maybe they’re black hat, white hat, or just skript kiddies. but they are necessary. to understand what is exploitable there is nothing more testing than someone who wants to see what he can do with the code.

a creative mind will throw what can be even months of security back to the drawing board, and this is why we should not complain. if there were no hackers in the beta, there would be no fixes. the more exploits we find now the better. which means, you want them there. therefore i want to emphasize something: they are currently more useful than you are. because normals players are 10 a penny right now. people willing to be banned and have intelligent minds (or a combination of these from two people…) are not, and when they find holes, we can then figure out how to plug them.

the more hacks we find now, the less hacks we have on release, /end lesson, big picture guys.

Not really. That’s more of a piss poor excuse honestly, that you are showing holes in the system. It’s funny. Most people don’t know or see these holes, but it’s people like you, trying to FIND a way to cheat the game. So see how that is? You are cheating, regardless of how you decide to view it. Where most people don’t cheat and just play the game as intended.

I don’t even have a rust key, so I don’t know the degree to which gameplay is effected, but I agree with Nach that your game should only not have hackers after you’ve found a way to prevent or deter them. Not that the game’s development should be held up just to stop a bunch of exploiting shits from making the game unfair, he definitely provides a good argument.

You can tell yourself that, but in reality you are an asshole who hacks just for your own benefit and fun. You are so full of yourself, such a narcissistic bastard, that you have convinced yourself that you, in some way by hacking, are better than everyone else because you are providing some so-called “service” to the Devs. You are not a hacker, not even a skiddie, you are an immature dick-bag who took five minutes to use Cheat Engine to modify your speed. Fuck off and die.

So y’all I didn’t mean to spark an argument. I believe that “hackers” are only useful to devs to a certain extent. Yes, it is helpful to the devs to point out a hole in the program, but to then exploit that and ruin another players experience is bullcrap.

you guys misunderstand, i did not say i was hacking this game, just that i am capable, if you read my first sentance i said i dont hack something without permission. so i wouldnt develop anything to do it here unless garry or another dev asked me to.

so quick to call me douche you didnt even read my post with understanding… yes i would provide a service to the devs, but only when asked, i dont currently have a key, so saying i used cheat engine to speed hack is kinda funny, and not found in evidence.

anyway im not trying to be on a high horse, i am trying to get you guys to see that hacking has a big impact on a games enjoyment upon release, and that in alpha you should welcome them, wether they are asked to be there or not. the more they catch them now, the less possible it will be later, when they release the game, and where youre experience really matters.

hacking isnt always about getting an advantage over other people. and the stigma is what i am protesting. im not saying i want to hack rust, or claim it is the right thing to do. again i would require permission to do so. but what i am trying to get across is that saying somone else should have a key over all the hackers out there, i would have to disagree, most of the people wanting keys will never report a bug, never think and try to reproduce a bug, and never test new features properly. and while thats fine too. they are less usefull to development than calling the attention of developers to holes and exploits in code.

so if we can move our egos out of the conversation a second, you might see my true point.

“im a hacker”, That’s all we needed to know. To know you have done so in another game is just as bad as doing it in this game. I understand what you mean as some hackers have a purpose for revealing hacks that some might exploit to their advantages, but hacking has a more negative reputation than positive, and most likely more hackers using it for an advantage than those using it to help the developers. It’s the nature of the beast.

But you clearly were trying to be on a high horse though, you in your own post stated that you were “better” than us because of what you could do. You also, without owning Rust, claim you can “hack” it. Please go away.

The joy of being misunderstood. The word hacker on a game forum will get you flamed but what people don’t understand is that companies hire people who are adept at finding faults in design and code. When they are hired they are called security consultants, or some such professional terminology, and make good money. Sigh gotta love the internet.

the fact that you say “that’s all we needed to know” is the kind of bias i am trying to dispel, hate without evidence is just mindless hate.

yes i have done it to other games, but with permission, someone hired me and said find out what you can do. and later i would come back with a list of things i accomplished, and how i did them, this is whats referred to as white hat. i have never nor will i ever use this to gain a personal advantage in a game. but its not about me.

the nature of the beast is true enough, knowledge when it is held by the few will always produce the duality you worry about. but to hate the good ones because they come with the bad is not the solution.

i understand you guys are sick of getting million shot by speed axes in less than a tenth of a second. but i am not doing that to you, nor would i if i got a key, i would play normally.

but i also don’t want you to see it as a plague, i want you to see it as a blessing in disguise. to understand that the earlier these things come to light, the better for you later. since code is in a great deal of flux atm, it will be easier to fix now than it would be later. patience, take the beating now, because in the end, everyone’s stuff will be wiped on release and the defenses will then be in place so they cant do that to you on release. and that’s a good thing.

We already acknowledged that… Plus we ARE talking about a video game… It WOULD be different if he worked for some sort of actual company and the “hacker” worked for a security division that revolves around technology.

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If you would finish the rest of my comment, you’d realize, we don’t hate you for hacking, but hacking in the video game world, is just an overall nasty business. We know there are those who do it for good, but more often then most, it’s not used for good. Doesn’t mean there aren’t people like you out there, you are just horribly out numbered though.

sadly, probably true, i just wanted to get across that even if they are the bad kind, try to see it as a good thing (while youre still in a beta) its not good they are exploiting it and runing peoples games, but it is good that they will be caught early in the development.

anyway i think we can agree there is common ground, and thats enough for me for now.

Lol justifying hacks ok

super badass discovered that with cheat engine you can press speed hack and it speeds up your game

What about this. Garry bans all the hackers, and gives the keys to people that deserve it (People that have been with Facepunch since 2012 and less).

Being able to download a program off of the internet to increase your player’s run speed does not make you a hacker any more than doing your taxes with Turbo Tax makes you an accountant.

you couldn’t be more elitist if you tried

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