Shame, or...

I’m not entirely sure whether or not, rpw_downtown_v2, is an acceptable map to play on, I love it’s additions, but I guess it’s somewhat frowned upon.
Should I still use it?

Wheres a download link. I wouldnt mind looking at it.

No, use something original, it’s a overused map that isn’t that great to be honest.

It’d depend on the gamemode, really. If you wan’t a small server running something like DarkRP, I’d reccomend that map.

If you’re using a massive group server, I suggest gm_atomic or some other large map. maybe even gm_mobenix.

Downtown is overused in my opinion. Maybe use mobenix or cscdesert?

Hell, any map that makes for a good RP setting, old or not, would probably be several times better than freaking Downtown.

Also, this was discussed on another topic, but apparently it’s been shown that having Downtown will attract more minges - having a less popular map or even an old one may limit your playerbase, but there seems to be a lowered minge count. This is just a mere observation though, and it may be proven untrue at any time.