Shameless ripoff...

i’m a fumb fag

Couldn’t have said it better, good sir.

I mean, Epidemic ain’t even done yet, lol.

You cannot copyright ideas, can you?

Would have been nice if he at least credited rick for his Idea.

Ofcourse not, but now he owes Rick money, lol.

This is GMOD, get use to it, it happens all the time.

I thought we stopped bringing roleplay communities angst onto Facepunch?

Yeah, but Reaver insists on making a huge amount of drama at any possible oppertunity. I don’t understand why he insists on hanging around rolenation anymore…

Oh wow someone makes context based item system in GMod and then someone else does it too.

IO Interactive did this years ago. Nothing new. (Hitman series.)

Oh my… did he really… steal that idea…? Damn I hate kuro…

Really, you’re pathetic Reaver.

It saddens me that Kuromeku seems to have taken the whole “city overrun by zombies” idea from Necropolis roleplay in the first place. He did the same thing with TnB’s terminator roleplay and, fair enough, he might not be doing anything wrong in the strictest sense, but it comes over as very dishonest on his part to take ideas so freely, and not even to mention these other communities or coders as inspiration.

If I wanted to start my own let’s say… guitarcompany. Should I mention Fender/Ibanez/Dogshit as my inspiration? Big deal if he “steals” “everyone’s” “ideas/creations”. He still codes it himself. It’d be a more serious matter if he stole the script and claimed it as his own.

Like buying a Fender, name it Dogduck then sell it and claim you built it. THAT would be a so called ‘shameless ripoff…’. Completely different when you build your own guitar, make it look like Fender then sell it. How many companies doesn’t do that?

  1. Pandemic was a suggestion from a member, not kuro’s idea.
  2. TRP was Dues Ex Machina’s, and was never a kuromeku server.
    I see your point, but at the same time, we’re a community, you can’t just throw everything at kuro’s feet because he does things that other people are doing.

Just curious; which member suggested Pandemic?
Deus Ex Machina, also known as Mr. Wesker, used to be associated with TnB. I always was under the impression that kuro coded for and hosted DEM’s TRP server - he was given a senior administrative position because of it as well, wasn’t he?

I understand that it’s not justifiable to blame kuromeku for everything, but you have to admit he’s the one who did the coding and all of the donkey work for it; even if it was just an idea, kuromeku is more than aware of other people having had the idea first. You can understand why he gets this bad press, even if he may not deserve all of it.

I can’t remember who suggested pandemic, that was lost when kuro wiped the threads to change to rolenation. kuro coded TRP, but Dues Ex hosted all of kuro’s servers. That’s why he got admin, but once he got TRP and RERP up and running kuro took that away because he never played.

Yeah. Subsidising to a host and then giving that host power over your community is never a good idea.

Kuromeku is a pathetic kid. Anybody who drops people over roleplay-e drama is.

I used to admire Kuromeku’s for his innovative code but now it seems that his ability is weighed down by his immaturity.

Well i’m not gonna praise the man but nobody care about his mood/temper, unless you absolutely insist on playing/talking/socializing with him.

All that really matter is the code they dump.

And it SEEMS to be a common occurence for decent gmod coders to get their ego so inflated that they end pissing off everyone here by acting like arrogant pricks.

For those of you who didn’t know, by the way, kuromeku used to use the name Conna.

Wich is probably a name everybody saw at least once on :smiley: