ShamWow! - As seen on TV

[release]ShamWow! Model
This was made for a machinima I’m making…
This is my first post…

If you don’t know what a ShamWow is, look here:
The ShamWow washes, dries and polishes any surface. It’s like a towel, chamois and sponge all in one![/release]

[release]Addon format. Model/texture/spawnlist included.[/release]
Edit: The sandbag model is a ragdoll so it can bend and stuff


LOL. This is awesome! It’s a little too fat tho. V2?

Wait, did you just make an Alt to make that reply?

Both accounts posts seem wierd O_o

and i suppose nice model

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Germany? Did I miss something?

It’s made in Germany…you know the Germans make good stuff.


Oh shit…we made hell on earth.

It looks a little bit like a mattress.

Doesn’t look anything like a shamwow.

I’m pretty sure that’s just a bad skin of that one guy’s sandbags a while back.

^ Rofl…i think youre right…

Its a little big… o__O

Is it a reskin on a model that’s already out there because the model looks oddly familiar.

Good idea but sloppy. Seems like a skin with " Made in Germany" and “Shamwow!”. I still DL’ed though, I like the idea and yes its the sandbag ragdoll. Look at the file names

looks like a shamshit


i couldnt find anything thinner/samller that was a ragdoll cuz i want it to act like a actual towel…

and I still havent had a go at models

btw iforgotaboutit is my friend…u can look at the register dates/ip if u dont belive me lol

I heared that he beat her up beacause she didn’t like his balls :V
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This is just lame, I agree with Jaanus, and not just because he’s the coolest mod ever.

What character is that ragdoll, holding the shamwow?

That character is Zero Suit Samus