ShamWow! Box

A box of ShamWows.

This is my first model for source…I just wanted to see if I could make something simple and have it compile and actually work.
This isn’t my first time modeling.

It’s in addon format (with spawnlist ^^)





Nice job for a first port, especially with addon format, spawnlist, and all. :smiley:

I want to see some pictures of the Scout holding it. :smiley:

Thanks. It was alot easier since I have the actual Shamwow box.

I’ll pose him later.

You bought those?

Are they really as good as whats-his-face says they are?

Well the Germans did make it, and they always make good stuff.

I bought a couple.

They’re so cool. Not really in the “Oh it cleans like magic” cool, more like “I have a ShamWoW!, so I’m cool” type of cool.

They’re really picky on how much they absorb. I bought the small ones though. Like, when I did the waterbowl test, it only sucked up half the water. Next time I dried it out, and filled it with a small amount of water, and it sucked it all up. It also doesn’t drip. But that’s only if you don’t overfill the towel.

Regular towels are the same way…

can someone make a REAL ragdolled shamwow model in yellow and blue ones

I can but I can’t skin it after I’m done.

^True. I’m on my school’s swim team, and I use my shamwow as a towel.