Shang Tsung VS Lara Croft

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Not very fitting music…

depends on the kind of humor.

Hot damn the thread music really sets the tone.

Great work, mate.

Cockroach 1:“Move in, take her down!”
Cockroach 2:“Aim for the boo- i mean the legs!”

Jokes aside, nice picture. Very good posing.

Mask, do you using photoshop in your works?

no. only ingame tools in every pic except the “2029 A.D.” one.

that one was edited by Joazzz.
(sry for DA link. but since the search function is disabled for
non gold members here on facepunch …)

I like where this is going

I never believed someone would make an awesome picture without Photoshop. Great job

Someone somewhere is touching himself inappropriately.

Pretty nice work.

It made me moist.

You appeal to my sense of porn, good sir.

Awesome, as always.