Shantae Models request

I’m not if this is possible, but I would like to see 3D ragdolls of the characters from the Shantae games. If anyone is willing to make 3D models of the characters, that would be nice.

I suport this! Even though it looks like an up hill battle.

Thanks, Chaos Master!!! Ever played the game? If that’s the case, who are your favorite characters?

I have, unfortunatly, never played the games. When the original came out I was not interested in it at all (I was about 9 or so), and I do not own a DSi so I can’t play the new one ether. I’m currently trying to find the first one. As for favorite characters, I’ld have to say my favorite is Shantae herself.

Good news!!! A friend of mine from Low Poly workshop made a 3d model of Shantae. It may be low poly, but its good looking and i would appreciate it if anyone can port it to gmod when they get time.

Here is link:

Bumping for someone to help me.