So I’m new to blender and I don’t know how to make advanced shapes. I know how to modify a cube but not how to make a curved edge or an irregular form. I have a drawing of what I’m making if it’s relevant :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here is the drawing

Does nobody care?

Just a link to a YouTube video is ok

Despite the videos:

First you may want to use your drawing as a reference, I personally use the “BackgroundImage” menu on the “Number Panle”(N). Then you can visualize the image on the ortographic views 1,3 and 9 on your keypad.

To make “advanced” shapes you need to decompose your shape into other simpler shapes. When modeling guns, you basically need to make separate meshes for each part/component (trigger, barrel, pump, etc.)For example, the barrel is made by a cylinder, the stock is a boxy sort of shape. You can always add more meshes on edit mode so they are part of the same object.

Once you have an idea of what shapes make what, you have to start modifying them. For this matter you will almost always utilize the knife(K), extrude faces(E), merge vertices(Alt M) and add loop cuts(Ctrl R). To move vertices/faces/edges you press (G) and to rotate them ®, pressing X,Y,Z after will lock your selection to move/rotate on the given axis.

Curved edges are not really curved, they are an aporximation of a curve by using several vertices following a curved path. Same way the cylinder is made, the more vertices you use the more rounded it will appear.

Thanks so much the knife was one of the things I needed, the videos I saw didn’t say how to use it it just said to use it. I will use these videos a lot and hope I get as good as making models as I am making maps
Thanks for not ignoring me